Oy! Oy! Oy!Talks between Fatah and Hamas fell apart after a Hamas militant died on Thursday from a car bomb. Hamas claimed it was a Fatah orchestrated assassination and Fatah claimed it was a work accident – caused while the Hamas man was preparing a bomb. Since then 24 Palestinians have been killed in internecine fighting. Amongst the dead, 2 children, one aged 2 and one aged 6. Over 50 people on both sides have been kidnapped.

Last week, PA security officers defused bombs meant to assassinate PA President Mahmoud Abbas as he was headed to a meeting with Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh to discuss the establishment of a national unity government. Hamas was blamed for the assassination attempt. This was only reported today as “Fatah officials preferred to keep the incident a secret and not publish it, in a bid to discourage additional attempts to assassinate Abbas.”

It seems that the prospects for the establishment of a national unity government are now dim and Abbas is threatening to call elections in as little as three weeks. Of course at a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, perhaps in an attempt to foster some kind of national unity, Abbas blamed Israel for everything.

Of course.


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  • Who’s winning? The good murderers or the bad murderers? This is so exciting.

  • I think Fatah is up a few kills on Hamas this round. but the real question is, is this good or bad for Israel? what is good or bad for Israel these days concerning the PA/Hamas? Perhaps we need to give Abbas some tanks, and cluster bombs!!!!

  • anyone pondered that there might be a split sometime soon – hamas in gaza and fatah in the WB? Each with a separate agenda? It is seemingly possible that we could end up with 3 states here – or 2 states and a strip of wasteland.