One of the google searches leading strangers to our site is the phrase “who wrote the bible.” It brings up this fine old post by a much younger Grandmuffti and includes the first comment here by Rav Shmuel who knocked everybody’s socks off when he performed at Jewlicious 2.0. Since then, he’s put out a new CD, and I have to say that other than his native American song, which I happen to dislike, the rest of his music and lyrics are, uh, whatever the new hip word is for cool and fab.

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  • Why are so many bloggers on this site such fucking pinkos?

    I don’t get it. Really. Both theMiddle and GrandMuffti.

    This blog has really gone to shit. It used to be so much better.

    I’m really disappointed.

  • I’m also confused, Adam. This post is about another post from two years ago. That post couldn’t be so much better than this one to cause you to claim that this “blog has really gone to shit” because this new post is about that old post. Or something.


  • I never understood the whole commie pinkos thing. I mean, shouldn’t it be redos?

    In any case Adam, good to see you again. Will you be going to JTB3? I’ll be there and so will GM and you will be able to tell us what kind of commies we are. Or… I’ll play you one on one – 11 points, loser has to adopt winners political stance and wear a sign attesting to that fact – ie if I win you have to wear a sign that says “I am a pinko,” whereas if you win I have to wear a sign that says “I am a Neanderthal.”

    Kidding Adam! Relax! I was just kidding 😉

  • Make him wear a sign that says “I am a pinko”? Wouldn’t you be making a more valuable contribution to the development of the human race if you were to just spay him?

  • I couldn’t do the bet, where if I lost I’d wear a sign that says, “I am a liberal”, because the prohibition of Loshan Hora, even extends to oneself.

    I believe that its fair for people to judge you based on the things you can control; your character, attitude etc. And its fair for them to treat you accordingly. That’s punishment enough for you guys.

    Seriouly though….. your blog is good when it remains cool and Jewish…. but the political BS, from people who seemingly know little about politics is a major turn off.

  • I don’t relate to the bloggers very well.

    I’m majoring in finance and statistics (with great grades). I’m studying for actuarial science board exams.

    After I do a lot of exams, I’ll go to grad school and get a masters or Ph D in Financial Mathematics.

    Then I’ll work my way up the financial institutions so I can get a position high up in CitiBank, B of A, or JP Morgan.

    I’m going to have mega money…. that I’ll give away to organizations that are doing good work….. BirthRight, some Hillels, projects like Jewlicious, the Jewlicious Festival…. whatever.

    But I’m not a person whose primary goal is to “make a difference”…. like those who work for Hillels and other non-profit groups. (sure I’ll write the checks… but I won’t wake up in the morning thinking, “I’m sacrificing my life to heal the world”)

    I wouldn’t start my own blog to share my opinions with the world…. its just not who I am.

    Are there other readers of Jewlicious who are like me?

  • Adam,

    if you mean an egotistical fuck, no i don’t run into that many people like you on this blog. Most people on here do hold themselves in high regards, respect themselves and may even think they are better than others, but none have sounded like a such a prick. “I’m going to have mega money, ” who the fuck are you kidding man? who says shit like that?

  • Jon, shouldn’t you know better about not judging people? (lol)

    Seriously though…. I’m really down to earth and relaxed man.

    But I work really hard and will be very financially sucessful.

    I used to make shopping websites, and did well at that…. I’m pretty knowledgeable on technology.

    I discovered a week ago…. I think its a great idea. Maybe it will become like DailyKos where anyone can start their own blog, powered by Jewlicious?

    That would be awesome.

  • From jewschoool’s c omments:

    Feingolds an embarrassment to America and to the Jews.

    I don’t know whats happened to this blog…. it used to be really good. Its just gone to shit.

    Have the bloggers changed? Have all of them got together and decided on some new policy where they all act like fucking pinkos?

    What changed?”

    Guess who wrote the above? TM, looks liek we’re grouped with those jewschool Pinkos!

  • “I’m going to have mega money, ” who the fuck are you kidding man? who says shit like that?

    Hmm, a grasping, money-hungry Jewish accountant with the curiosity and self-awareness of a three-toed sloth? Ah yes, a rare specimen, indeed! And while the species’ contribution to humanity may not be immediately apparent, they have been inspiring fascinated revulsion among generations of talented Jews since way before Bud Schulberg. Sammy just keeps on running.

  • Yeah, just like Michael Steinhardt, Charles Schusterman & Charles Bronfman.

    Thanks for the compliment.

    Who do you think will employ you liberal arts majors?

  • Oh stop it you two. Adam, good luck with all your hopes and dreams and when you make it big hopefully you’ll learn about magnanimity and write lots of checks to lots of worthy causes.