[From a comment in this discussion, written to one of our good Roman Catholic friends – I hear he’s publishing his JDate profile as I write]

Tom, if you want an interesting experience consider doing the following:

1. Date Jewish women to the point where you’re considering marriage with one.
2. Then, convert to Judaism.
3. At that point, your Jewish fiancee will reject you for one of the reasons noted in the comments by people like JM and Kelsey, the key issue being that you’re Jewish, and as a consequence,
4. You will be left single and Jewish.
5. Then, you can date gentile women to your heart’s delight and,
6. Even marry one to add to our woeful intermarriage statistics.
7. You can ask her to convert.
8. If she doesn’t, you’ll be fine for a while but soon your differences in faith and outlook will appear and cause cracks in your marriage -maybe a divorce even,
9. at which point you’ll look for a Jewish spouse and end up with a divorced one with two kids and a mean lawyer husband who wants custody. Or,
8A. If she does convert, there will be peace and harmony in your home but
8A1. You’ll both weep for those intermarrying traitors to Judaism and
8A2. Bitch and whine about all the [insert Jewish denomination you dislike here] Jews who are not really practicing Judaism the way it should be and are causing the destruction of the Jewish people.

I guess the nice thing about all of this is that by step 2 you will have gotten the woman-beating-gentile syndrome well out of your system and will be well on the way to acquiring riches, not to mention controlling the world’s media and the US government.

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  • Hee hee!

    When we rule the world, can I be Minister of the Interior? I want to choose the drapes.

  • Should “inter-marrying,” be a taboo subject and just never be discussed at all? There is NO NICE WAY to discuss it. If we are all just people, then it is an offensive term by definition.

    A taboo subject? Here?

    I meant no harm to the cool people of the world, and I SAID I was being over-general.

    We are having a very strange week.

  • If Paris is worth a Mass, then Washington’s worth a Jewish wedding.

    “….Honey, I’m sorry this isn’t working out and you want to split up. But– can I still have control of the media? How ’bout foreign policy? Please?”

  • Impossible, according to halacha (Jewish law) unless Mary converts. It goes by birth mother and the birth mother has to be Jewish, even if her partner is Jewish. To my knowledge Mrs. Dick Cheney isn’t Jewish and Mary never converted so this would be impossible.

    Since Reform accepts patrilineal descent, if the sperm donor is Jewish and has a significant role in raising the child – which is doubtful since Mary is already in a committed relationship – then the Reform movement might consider the child Jewish although I suspect a rabbi would have to rule on the issue because it isn’t clear cut.

    By the way, in Orthodox Judaism, lesbianism is also not permitted although it is not considered as heinous a violation of God’s laws as male homosexual sex.

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