Theories about Jewish media control notwithstanding, it appears the Jewish people may be responsible for the couch potato.

Robert Adler has passed away at the age of 93. A physicist with 180 patents to his name including an application filed this month at the US Patent and Trademark Office, Adler was born in 1913 in Vienna and left Austria after the Germans annexed the country in 1939. He eventually came as an emigree to the US in the early ’40s. He was hired by Zenith – remember when we still had TV manufacturers in the US? – and given some latitude to develop his own projects.

One of his inventions for Zenith was a vastly improved TV remote control (the original was apparently invented by a colleague at the company) – a device that we take for granted that has eliminated that nasty getting-up to switch the dial, enhanced the lives and growing paunches of TV viewers everywhere, and probably enabled the numerous channels we are able to view now since nobody would have wanted to turn 10 dials to get to HBO. That is, if HBO and the Food Network exist, it’s probably thanks to Mr. Adler’s remote control invention.

I have not seen direct evidence that Mr. Adler was Jewish but his departure from Austria during the Nazis’ arrival in combination with his name, his father’s name, Max Adler, and his mother’s name, Jenny Herschmann Adler, lead me to believe he’s an MOT. That and the fact he’s listed in Wikipedia’s List of Jewish Inventors.

Condolences to his family.

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