The Mormons/Church of Latter Day Saints tried for years to build a university in Jerusalem where they owned an amazingly well situated parcel of land. There was a great deal of resistance because it is well known that part of their mission when they send their members abroad (often when they are young adults), is to proselytize. For obvious reasons, the leadership in Jerusalem and Israel was and is resistant to this prospect. After agreements were made wherein the Church of Latter Day Saints committed not to proselytize in Israel, the go-ahead was given to build the facility. This is the facility’s concert hall, overlooking parts of Jerusalem and the Old City.

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  • Don’t get me started on Mormons and Jews. My trip to SLC a few years back was very eye-opening:

    * while all the men go abroad on their mission (there are more Mormons outside of the US than in), all the women go to the temple in SLC to serve the “Elders”…

    * aside from wearing make-up, it was hard to distinguish the Mormon women who were leading us around Temple Square from frum women.

    * their first church in SLC has a huge honkin’ Star of David in the stained glass window…

    They view SLC as their Jerusalem, with their temple. So would that make their Jerusalem facility the “Mormon SLC”? 🙂

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  • RM: What can I do? Just because I’m an Oyster doesn’t mean I’m loaded with clams…

    ‘Tis a shame, because I wrote a great comment before Shabbat (PST).

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