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  • Oh, how very civilized of you, Middle/. The portion of the double concerto Heifetz plays in the clip is pretty dull- the class participants should’ve held out for the first or third movement.

  • ok, very nice…. can we talk about sex now?

    So, police just busted a 46 year old Dominatrix who was running a brothel from a 4 acre rented estate. Who did she rent the property from? An Orthodox landlord who owns the property in the Orthodox community the estate bordered on. I am going to have a very good laugh when they disclose just how many of the Hasidim were clients there, since we all know how I feel about Orthodox Landlords.

    I should say it looked like a very classy and clean environment. It’s unfortunate that a woman can’t run a business like that for consenting adults legally.

    Sorry to highjack the thread, but laughing out loud to myself isn’t as fun as spreading the love.

  • Chutzpah, when you’re in character, you’re in character…

    Judi, I was actually more interested in watching a master and his student playing in an informal setting, although I love his sound. Ilike how he concludes, after playing in a way that very few in the world can play, by proposing lunch.

  • yes I am….

    but it’s not like she was capturing underage Yeminite girls and holding them as sex slaves against their will in the basement, threatening to kill their Mothers if they try to escape…oh wait, that only goes on INSIDE the eruv….

  • This is just for Chutzpah, Because you never know when the next Dominatrix wants to talk about her…umm clients. Bill Bennett was one. But not the most famous one in Las Vegas.:
    Cheers, ‘VJ’


  • Wonder if he was wearing a streimel and pais at the time.

    P.S. This will be my last anti-semitic remark on the subject.

    It’s just the whole “own property so you don’t have work so you learn Torah by day and visit your Dominatrix at night” thing that bothers me …not sure why. I’m all for Female Superiority.

  • What towering musicians!! Rubinstein was just in a class by himself. And you can always recognize Heifetz’s masculine, tensile sound. Has anyone ever sounded anything like him?

    chutzpah wants sex, eh? Get Rubinstein’s Chopin Nocturnes on Amazon. That should do the trick (so to speak).

  • No Tom, I wanted to talk about the brothel in Westchester. But now that you mention it, can Rubinstein swivel his hips?

  • Rhumba Rubinstein, as they called him back in the day….

  • You have no idea who the clients were. Or if you do, you are not saying how you know.

    Are you sure you really want to be this useful? I mean, not to us.

    In your opinion, should Orthodoxy be abolished? Then that must mean that you agree with me that the non-orthodox should do something about their suicidal non-birthrate.

    I am more for diversity. I also remember that good news is no news, and everybody can’t have been that awful. We don’t remember the nice ones.

  • Actually, JM, I’m laughing at the Landlord’s denial that he didn’t know what was going on. What did he think a Single woman was doing in a 4 acre estate by herself, becoming a balas tshuvah? He never had to inspect the boiler or the basement? Come on. I don’t think it was only the buckets full of cash in rent that prevented him from tripping over the whips and chains down there.

    No group is above reproach, questioning and criticizing any group is always useful. Of course I don’t want to see Orthodox Judiasm abolished. I mean Jeez lady, I’m not Hitler.

    Really, don’t worry so much about the suicidal non-Orthodox so much. 2 kids per family is really enough for any group to carry on. Hashem started with only Adam & Eve and look how many people did he have before Noach.

    I appreciate the kindness that was shown me every day.

    Right now I’m going to write to the VP of Advertising for Coca-Cola to tell him I don’t like the sterotype of “Howard Finkelstein” in their new commercial. Anyone see it? He looks like the guys I find on Jdate…sterotypes develop because they are often based on truth.

  • Ok…

    A single woman living on a four acre estate just HAS to be up to something fishy? Really??

    Yes, if EVERY non-orthodox Jew married, and EVERY couple had two kids, they would survive. Is that happening? Not only is it not, but plenty have one child, and plenty have none, and NOBODY non-orthodox has the three or four needed to make up for the others.

    No, landlords don’t always look into every closed room in a house, once they rent it. An estate has doors.

    As for the Coca Cola problem, get CK on it! Sounds serious!

  • JM, I said the same thing recently when I was checking out a hotel to stay in. It looked fine from the outside.

    THen I read reviews on tripadvisor. It was hysterical. How bout a contest for the worst hotel review in all of history? this was it!

    And I was going to post it on my travel site?

    Then I thought, does the landlord know? HOw can he not have pride of ownership?

    So we dont know, we speculate. He cares, or doesn’t care. He is so full of properties that he doesn’t have time,
    or he doesn’t care as long as it makes money.

    He could be insane.

    It’;s all speculation. Worth about 48 cents.