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Soulico is a 4 member DJ crew from Tel Aviv. The first DJs in the Middle East to master the DJ trifecta of production, turntablism, and party-rocking skills, Soulico has been garnering incredible respect both for their original songs and their unique mash-ups that blend Israeli folk and religious melodies with well known American hip hop tracks. Soulico’s members, Ronen Sabo, Ido Saar, Eyal Rob, and Michael Emmet are also respected journalists (Rob), photographers (Sabo), and teachers (Emmet teaches sound design at the internationally renowned Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem).

soulico crewAt a time when mash-ups risk overburdening our ears with more layers and poorly sampled, obvious selections than a music fan or party-goer can take, Soulico brings a truly different sound and attitude to the style. The fact that this is not the only trick up their sleeves, makes them a welcome addition to the likes of dance-floor favorites such as Diplo, Z-Trip, and The Rub crew.

Sample Soulico’s music here or better yet, see them live at the Jewlicious Festival! Visit the Jewlicious Festival Web site and get your tickets today – afterwards, sit back and relax and enjoy this Soulico video:

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  • Like their logo, looks like the Ibn Givirol area – where the IBM building is, by the Tel Aviv Museum.

    Can’t say I have any appreciation for the genre, lol.