As we’ve pointed out before, Bar Refaeli is dating Leonardo DiCaprio.

I guess it was time to meet the parents.

Leonardo came to Israel to pay them a visit and, like any tourist, to see some sites. The Refaelis, as part of their hosting duties, apparently took him to see Jerusalem, Yad Vashem and then the Western Wall.

As anybody following Israeli media knows, this wasn’t the most successful of visits. Bar’s father and two bodyguards have been accused of hitting reporters who were at the Western Wall trying to grab images of DiCaprio.

The two bodyguards have not only been accused of hitting two reporters and causing damage to their equipment but may be charged by the police. In at least one media report, the reporter who filed charges against the bodyguards claimed that the reporters were not behaving like paparazzi but were professional in their behavior and Mr. Refaeli had over-reacted.

I don’t think so.

I could see how this wouldn’t be too spiritual of a visit for Mr. DiCaprio. It also seems quite unseemly to see this herd acting this way in front of this holy site.

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