As we’ve pointed out before, Bar Refaeli is dating Leonardo DiCaprio.

I guess it was time to meet the parents.

Leonardo came to Israel to pay them a visit and, like any tourist, to see some sites. The Refaelis, as part of their hosting duties, apparently took him to see Jerusalem, Yad Vashem and then the Western Wall.

As anybody following Israeli media knows, this wasn’t the most successful of visits. Bar’s father and two bodyguards have been accused of hitting reporters who were at the Western Wall trying to grab images of DiCaprio.

The two bodyguards have not only been accused of hitting two reporters and causing damage to their equipment but may be charged by the police. In at least one media report, the reporter who filed charges against the bodyguards claimed that the reporters were not behaving like paparazzi but were professional in their behavior and Mr. Refaeli had over-reacted.

I don’t think so.

I could see how this wouldn’t be too spiritual of a visit for Mr. DiCaprio. It also seems quite unseemly to see this herd acting this way in front of this holy site.

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  • The truly tragic part…that van totally isn’t a hybrid.

    Seriously though, watching this actually made me feel nauseous.

  • I am more worried about the dog poop in my back yard than I am interested in anything any celebrity, Israeli or otherwise, says or does.

  • Who allowed this to happen? Whoever it is should be fired.

    I mean, it’s the Kotel. What is the matter with people?

    What a shande.

  • Celebs should be required by law to show up in 1979 Datsun B-210’s… or at least dress like suicide bombers – now THATS incognito! (sp?)

  • Didn’t Bar break up with Leo, amidst cheating allegations, a few months ago? It seems that she swallowed her pride after realizing that having a mega-famous boyfriend is great for the career. I’m surprised Bar hasn’t been criticized here for dating outside the tribe. It’s been a raging debate on Israeli websites for days.

  • I don’t think we’re tracking her life with much interest, Ann. This story is more about a pack of crazed journalists than Refaeli or DiCaprio. Plus it gives one an excuse to do a Google image search of this woman. Whatever else she might be, lacking in physical beauty is not one of her flaws.

  • Refaeli is no media darling here. Her mother is known as a cantankerous bitch and Bar herself married a (much, much older) family friend at the ripe age of 18 in order to get an exemption from the army. That said, I loved Leo on Growing Pains.

  • Ann: I can say that I am without a doubt not in favor of Bar’s decision to date a non-Jew. Visit the Kotel all you like, it’s still wrong. That having been said, I suspect that career motivations are at play here more than anything else. And besides, I can’t tell Bar Rafaeli, or anyone else for that matter, what to do.

  • All these people complaining they don’t care what celebrities do or say (Nathan is a a case in point) yet here they are making comments. This fake cynicism is appalling. If you really were not interested, you would be at home kissing your dog instead of reading articles about the celebrities you profess to detest.