Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell, no!

Jewlicious is only five days and counting and it is the 25th anniversary of the passing of the great John Belushi. What these things have in common we cannot conclusively say. Other than, in the same way that Belushi changed the way we think about film and comedy, this festival weekend changes the way we think about Jews.

Join us for this celebration of Jewishness, a feast of epic proportions, intellectual stimulation, and mind-body-musical satisfaction.

Tickets are in short supply, so don’t delay. Tickets on day of event will cost more. So get yourself in, and get a ticket today.

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Rabbi Yonah


  • Rabbi, I don’t know why you would defile Judaism with that idiot hard drug fiend. Whose abuse of very dangerous variety of drugs was the fuel that induced his what you consider funny stuff’

  • Useless,
    Didn’t you just say how much MJ helped you in another post? The fact that he couldn’t handle his addictions doesn’t take away how many laughs he brought into this world.

  • Also Rabbi, no mentions of Bill Hicks (r.i.p.), Richard Pryor (r.i.p.) Mitch Hedberg (r.i.p. – sigh), Mort Sahl (still kickin’ it)… and especially this old Yiddisha son of burlesque:

    Steves, I too miss Bill Cosby. Bob Newhart. Those records where he did all those hilarious phone conversations? What? Not Jewish? Okay, Seinfeld then. Uncle Miltie. Jackie Mason. The great Shelly Berman. And that funny Billy Crystal skit about his flatulent grandfather? Oy Ve Voy!!

  • The point is that hard drugs are unacceptable.

    We were comparing over there wine and weed. What, one toke a week for me, compared to what that guy was doing, I am out of his league. please, he killed himself.

    Big difference, but I respect that others don’t see it that way.

    Didn’t find that stuff that funny, that’s all, took offense w/ the post, no big deal really.

    What is the connection w/ Judaism that’s all i am asking?

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