I love this woman’s photographs. Rina Castelnuovo photographs from Israel for the NY Times. A couple of years ago her series about the Gush Katif settlers being evacuated from Gaza won international awards. I was reminded of her sensibility with respect to colors as well as her ability to capture moments of Israeli life and their contradictions.


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  • Hamas rocket attack Jewish kindergarten…or did they?

    On page 12 in Tuesdays January 6th 2009 of the Aspen Daily News, in the World Section, there is a story
    entitled Gaza civilian toll rises; diplomats seek truce. In the Aspen Daily News paper it shows pictures of an Israeli kindergarten in Ashod that was hit by a rocket fired from Hamas in Gaza. There is also a pregnant Jewish woman who is being attended by Jewish EMTs (the EMTs have the Star of David on their uniforms) because she has been overc On page 12 in Tuesdays January 6th 2009 of the Aspen Daily News, in the World Section, there is a storyome with emotion. The pictures are from Rina Castelnuovo of the NYT.

    The first paragraph of this page and a half story says;

    Israel ignored mounting international calls for a cease-fire Monday, and said it won’t stop its crippling 10-day assault until peace and tranquility are achieved in southern Israeli towns in the line of Palestinians rocket fire.

    Under the picture it says;

    The scene after a rocket fired from the Gaza struck a kindergarten in Ashod on Monday. No one was injured in the attack as the schools in the area have been closed. A pregnant woman who witnessed a rocket landing on a kindergarten nearby, is tended to after being overcome with emotion, in Ashod, Israel, on Monday.

    Now, whats the problem you might ask?

    Well if you look at the photos there is dozens of problems. In them it shows pictures of undamaged desks, chairs, shopping carts, bricks, drapes, tires, pillows, LOTS of stuffed animals, LOTS of toys, curtains, matts, rugs, cardboard, an air conditioner, all spread out over the yard. There is a 3 x 3 inch steel beam roof frame that is bent and still attached to the side of the building next to the hole/void in the wall, however, the roofing tin appears to have been removed and stacked 20 feet away from the building.

    There is no mention of deaths or injuries in the article and there is no pictures of blood, bodys or parts, shoes, boots or clothes. I assume the school wasn’t open at the time.

    What about the rocket?

    There is no indication of a rocket.

    No hit mark
    No black soot
    No burn marks
    No fire
    No smoke
    No indication of fire or explosives,
    No ruble or debris, the many stuffed animals and toys were clean
    The metal beams to support the roof is neatly bent, not blown up,melted or twisted
    The bricks and blocks are not deformed, burnt, or even busted, but broke at the mortar seams and look to be neatly stacked or left, and some are very far from the “blast hole” like they were shot out 60 feet, even over the toys, carpet and stuffed animals. Another strange thing about the bricks is they do not match the building, they are brown, not white, like the ones in the building.

    The blast hole….where to start.

    The only area that shows a void or hole is a rectangular shaped open area that is part of the wall or was a garage door, to me it looks like a garage door that is open, thus hiding the door in the picture.

    If a rocket did hit the side of the building, It perfectly cut out an area about the size of a garage door and goes all the way from the top to the ground and the opening is very clean like it was cut. There are no round holes, no burn marks, no broken glass or wood. If it in deed hit the brick wall there is not enough bricks, wood, glass or dust on the ground to substantiate a door, window or wall that size, also the floor on the inside of the building is clean and undisturbed and does not have any debris or bricks laying there. How could there be things like toys and carpet spread out 50 feet out away from the building and the inside of the building be clean? And if the rocket didn’t hit the wall, garage door or side of the building, then where is the hole in the ground? there is none, and how did all the toys and bricks get scattered around the yard?

    There are also security people all over the place, but most have their hands in there pockets and causally walking around taking pictures.

    My guess is that a loader broke through a short brick landscaping or perimitor wall and went up to the patio roof made of tin, then pushed up the thin tin roofing thus bending the 3×3 beams. It drove up to an open garage door, where people inside put lots of toys, mats, carpets, drapes, desks and chairs, an air conditioner, and tires and maybe shopping carts into the bucket of the loader. Then the loader spread all the items around the yard.

    I think that is a very easily explained photo that makes more sense than The New York Times does saying a rocket hit it. I wont even bother to ask why would Hamas attack a closed school, or why the pregnant woman is overcome with emotion when nobody was hurt, killed or even there. And I certainly wont bring up the fact that the woman has “man hands” an Adams Apple and looks like a man, she/he is also wearing a very large coat, when everyone else is in T-shirts and tank tops on. 🙂

    This is obviously a staged photo shoot.

    “By Way Of Deception Thou Shalt Do War.”

    – the official motto of Mossad

    This picture was a press release from Israeli sources purported to show Palestian terrorists. However one of the suspected terrorists forgot to take off his star of David before being photographed.

  • Conspiracy theories are insults to any sane mind.

    A fuzzy patch of chest hair, for that’s what it looks to be, that only remotely resembles what Muslims refer to as “the Seal of Solomon”, a symbol of luck in Islam, hardly consitutes as anything worth considering.