shmuley0.jpgMy name is Beth here and everywhere. I have no evil moniker.

Who am I?

I’m a celebrity monger who also loves to dish about tv, music, films (mostly indie movies but also any movie that contains subtitles, which doesn’t exclude OJ Simpson 70’s flicks). I’m a pop culture trivia fiend and spent my college years at the University of Michigan playing 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon in the cafeteria.

In 2004, I published a book called “10 Secrets I Learned From The Apprentice.” Unfortunately I never met Donald Trump, but if I did would ask him if his hair were really orange. I like orange very much, but my favorite color is Magenta cause it rhymes with blue placenta.

And I like Jewishy stuff from Adam Sandler to Regina Spektor to Shmuley Boteach to singing Hatikvah while landing in Israel after thirteen hours of sleep deprivation.

So the last one maybe not so much, but I’m happy to be here writing for you! So nu welcome me already.

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  • Welcome! Don’t mind it too much when you get viciously attacked for what you consider to be an innocuous post, it happens to all of us…

  • welcome to you. But not to that smokin’ fool who writes those shitty jpost columns, books, stupid ass tv shows and the rest.

    But the Muffti extends a most hearty welcome.

  • Ariel, in short: Jewish day school upbringing in an Orthodox setting; ends up being a secular philosopher who rejects religion but feels kinship with his Jewish tribe. He’s good looking, tall, relatively at peace with the world, cares about things like Kant and the Use of Language, and available – if you want to live the bucolic life. Oh, and he doesn’t think much of Shmuley Boteach. His name should be spelled with one F, but in a perhaps less-than-sober moment ck had the bright and meaningful idea of using two Fs.

    ck could be the new Boteach if he got ordained.

  • All this time I thought CK was frum…that’s so funny that he rejects religion. Haven’t read too many of his posts because they just seemed to verbose to bother. I’ll pay better attention now. He’d probably be a really good match for me if he wasn’t so blonde…bet you guys didn’t know my other blogging name is “Sapare Aude” (shout out to Kant)
    And is this the year you guys are going to hook me up with someone who can keep up with me or are you going to let me keep living by clinging to memories of past liaisons?
    Welcome Beth.

  • afa Matza, I have finally discovered alternatives to the standard. You can get much better taste and mileage from the whole wheat, spelt, and oat types of Matza. Yeah welcome blohg blohg blohg…