thecoenbrothers.jpgThe cast for the Coen Brothers’ new flick was announced a few days ago already, but since I’m a fan of Coen Brothers’ movies (“Raising Arizona” being my favorite) and love Frances McDormand, I couldn’t help but share my excitement over their new caper, “Burn After Reading.”

The film is based on a Stansfield Turner novel (Burn Before Reading: President, CIA Directors and Secret Intelligence) and once again finds George Clooney in yet another movie with a CIA plot. This time, however, Clooney will be playing an assassin in this black comedy. No word yet on what role will be filled by Clooney’s buddy Brad Pitt who is also starring in the film but considering the film’s premise is a CIA agent who loses a disc that contains vital, confidential information about his life, chances are Pitt might be playing the agent.

Joel Coen will be directing the film, but both brothers co-wrote the screenplay. Production slated for August. The Coen Brothers’ last major film was “The Ladykillers” with Tom Hanks back in 2004. Here’s hoping this film aims higher.

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