Christ Killa Screen CapLos Angeles-based digital and video artist Eric Medine has created a unique first person shoot ’em up video game which he has installed in an art gallery in LA.

Described as the ultimate arbitration between politics and Christianity, “Christ Killa” is a video game linked to video projectors and television monitors. A first person shooter in which the player shoots hordes of homicidal Jesus Christs, the game landscape is filled with Googled images of Christian propaganda posters, religious shrines such as St. Peter’s in Rome, and clichéd representations of Christ who constantly mumbles messages of tolerance and compassion. The audience is invited to participate in the carnage by playing the video game and watching short videos of the game in action. The winner with most Christ kills will be awarded with a trophy…

Hordes of homicidal Jesus Christs? I’d quote from the artist’s statement but really, do you need to know more? So the question is, should I be offended? Flattered that I seem to have my finger on the pulse of our cultural zeitgeist? Relieved that in at least this manifestation of Deicide, no Jews are involved? I’ll reserve judgment until I get my orders from Elder Foxman at the Anti Defamation League or until Eric Medine gets pulled over for a DUI and makes rude comments about sugar tits and the fucking Jews who run the world…

Hat tip to the lovely esther, who probably would have had a slightly different take on this story.

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  • It would have been more interesting to cast the player as Judas and have to battle past apostles, saints and angels before facing JC as a boss.

    Of course, if he wanted to be really edgy he should do a Mohamed sequel but then “shock” artists are wussies these days.

  • Horray for Eric! I hope he can make some money off his work and stop being a broke artist. As for your DUI comment, man– he is one lucky person if he hasn’t gotten pulled over in the last few years, and I hope he never does for his sake. I had the distinct honor of being in the car on 3 separate occsions when he’s been pulled over in the past, and thankfully I’m still alive. The stuff he gets away with is as interesting as his artwork. He must have a few lucky horsehoes shoved up his butt. Anyway, I wish him continued success. Go Eric! I never liked Jesus anyhow.