The man in the video a) Looks like Jesus b) Looked like Jesus before he shaved his head c) Has a Weakness for Blondes and/or d) Has a series of videos (and his own site) comprised of equally arbitrary content.

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  • He should really just shave his beard instead.

    Bummer about his girlfriend leaving him. Funny how that will lead to a haircut. You can see her here (maybe a little high).

  • i like his overalls! i didnt know they made them for adults anymore (not since like the 80’s or something)

  • Oh… the last time I saw overalls like that was in Acco when we ran into a bunch of kids who were on this program called Leading Up North. Five hundred of them came to Israel to paint bomb shelters and entertain residents of Northern Israel in the aftermath of the Second Lebanon War. They were each given a pair of red overalls. Maybe GameJew was on Leading Up North?

  • Oh man… those videos are going to cost me hours of productivity. Hours I tell you! (But I don’t count it shaving your head when you leave the guard on the clippers.)