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  • Ambassador Gillerman rules. This was a very cool thing of him to do. And funny. Zanajew? Fisrael? Pimpin’ is easy? Classic!

  • Okay, okay… [runs away fearfully]

    It’s not like I track who uploads what to Youtube. I saw the article on Ynet, assumed a copy was on Youtube and there it was. I thank you from the bottom of my tender heart for uploading this video, Harry. May you upload many more like it…and next time you can also post them here INSTEAD OF MAKING ME DO ALL THE WORK.

  • I feel like I was just verbally raped by you. I’m going to go curl up in a ball and take a cold shower.

  • Pita triangles? Are the Arabs returning to their glorious medieval days of algebra and geometry?

    Pitas are ROUND. And now I want hummus too…

  • I would like a triangle shaped piece of a round pita – with something other than fucking Sabra brand hummus!!

    Can any of you Israel-dwellers imagine such an existance??

    Dan Gillerman DOES rule, btw.