michael_douglas3a.jpgReuters posted on Forbes Top Celebrity Divorces and while Michael Jordan’s divorce from his wife of 18 years made #1, following his lead was Steven Spielberg whose 1989 “amicable” split from first wife (and only Jewish spouse) actress Amy Irving had her $150 Million richer. No wonder we stopped seeing her in films around that time…

So nearly 20 years later, basketball star Michael Jordan is potentially leaving his wife with the same amount as Spielberg left Irving. Let’s not forget Spielberg prodigy Harrison Ford however. He left his wife for bobblehead Calista Flockhart and his ex gets a share in the profit of all his future earnings. Not too shabby…For the ex-wife that is….Then again, Ford’s film have taken as much of a nosedive as Spielberg’s career in the past 18 years or so as well…

Corny crooner Neil Diamond is #3 in terms of largest divorce settlements, but he also left the marriage proclaiming, “It/She was worth every penny.” Trust Neil to find the silver lining.

Nympho/Fatal Attraction star Michael Douglas rounds out the list with a $45 Million divorce settlement, but then again, from the looks of it, Catherine Zeta Jones might have been “worth every penny” as well.

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  • Kate Capshaw converted before marrying Steven Spielberg, so she’s Jewish now too. And Amy Irving’s done some memorable TV–notably Law and Order and Alias, in addition to starring in an old favorite of mine, “Crossing Delancey.”

    Plus, her son, Max Spielberg, is a June 13th baby, which is very auspicious. Mark your calendars for 2008, everyone: that’s gonna be a helluva bar mitzvah.

  • There’s no shvitzing, Beth. It’s just that Chutzpah, Laya, commenter Jessi and I are all June 13th babies. So clearly there is something mystical (613 mitzvot?) about it. And lest we forget, there were also 613 Playmates. I’m relatively certain there’s no connection, though.

  • Then again, Ford’s film have taken as much of a nosedive as Spielberg’s career in the past 18 years or so as well…

    If taking a nosedive means earning millions of dollars we should all be so lucky.

  • Try over a billion dollars, plus opening, running and selling a movie studio, plus getting to make the films he wants to make…yup, a true underachiever whose mother wishes he had become a doctor.

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