regina.jpgI love my husband. I love his taste in music, some of the time. We both dig folk/acoustic music and this genre predominantly serves as the glue/bridge in our musical tastes and maybe even our marriage. Ok, so that’s an exaggeration, but really in those moments when you’re exhausted from the day’s work and the last thing you want to do is engage another human being vocally or verbally, music is the opiate of the household. It’s a way of bonding without having to say a thing.

What could be better?

The first time I heard Regina Spektor was a few years back from a friend of mine, who mostly occupies himself with getting advanced degrees in Biology but is nonetheless always on the cutting edge for indie/alt music. I was immediately drawn to this tiny Russian Jewish girl with bright red curly hair who could not only play piano (and quite well I might add) but had a voice that was so unique it stopped me dead in my blogging tracks. All I wanted to do was listen to “Soviet Kitsch” 24/7 and tell everyone about this girl.

Skip ahead three years and Regina plays sold-out performances in major venues everywhere, most recently in Israel and her music, much to my chagrin, can be heard on shows like CSI New York and Grey’s Anatomy. While it’s only a matter of time before Cold Case gets wind of how fitting Spektor’s music would be for one of their episodes, I don’t begrudge Spektor her commercial success. I only worry that one of these days she’ll get too trendy for my own liking.

I guess in the meantime there’s always that other Jewish girl whose music I’m crushing on. She’s just so very Frecha…

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