David Blaine is Jewish. Kinda. His mother is Jewish but his father isn’t. I have no idea whether he has any connection to Judaism whatsoever. It also doesn’t really matter since the person in the video below is just pretending to be David Blaine. Hat tip to the NY Times for this funny send-up.

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  • David Blaine sat next to me on my flight to Israel in Jan. He was asleep most of the time but I caught him in the galley at one point and we chopped it up. He said he used to have family in Israel (?) but that now he just goes to see friends. I later ran into Uri Geller on the same trip (ooooh, spooky!).

  • Very funny stuff! Who cares if he is jewish or half-jewish or a quarter-jewish or two-thirds jewish and one-third orange soda. He’s strange, but a good street artist or street magician. So are these three “guys.” Hey, I’m fully Jewish but a friend of mine in High School, who I actually shared my Bar Mitzvah with, had an Italian Dad and a Jewish Mother and an obnoxious, though not technically anti-semitic guy, one called him a JewWop. Not very nice, so stop disecting other people’s percentage of jewishness and leave it to the Nazis. They wrote books on it.

  • Um, Nate, the point is that because this is Jewlicious, I was seeking a connection to Jewish content and was too lazy to research it beyond Wikipedia. In another post down below, another one of our posters is berated for posting something without any apparent connection to Judaism.

  • ¿Quién es más macho, David Blaine o Criss Angel? Criss Angel es muy caliente, pero él no es ningún Jewlicious.

    (9th grade Spanish review tonite)

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