I have no idea whether this party was or wasn’t sponsored by Playboy, but it warms the heart to see pretty blond Israelis claiming that they wouldn’t pose naked for any sum of money because of their concern that their children or grandchildren might see the photos one day. Where’s Jewish Mother when you need her? (I apologize in advance to all the non-Hebrew speakers for the absence of a translation. Fortunately, a picture is worth a 1000 words).

“Lephachot hayu cusiot” is what the narrator, Angel Ogasta tells us. Angel seems to be what happens when a certain brand of Israeli provincialism meets American media ambitions. At least she’s amusing and pokes fun at herself.

Hat tip to Mere Rhetoric.

By the way, also for the Hebrew speakers, in this one we have a dressed blond Israeli model. Make sure to listen to the very end.

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