The Pulitzer was “Awarded to Oded Balilty of The Associated Press for his powerful photograph of a lone Jewish woman defying Israeli security forces as they remove illegal settlers in the West Bank.”

This was taken in the outpost of Amona in the West Bank. Oded tells the story here. Update: there is also an interesting interview with Oded here.

Update: Ynet discovered and interviewed the girl in this photo – she’s only 16! And interviewed her.

Oded Balilty was born in Jerusalem in 1979 and lives there today. He began his career as a photographer in the IDF and has been working for AP for some years. I recommend a google image search and a google search on Oded, who is clearly extraordinarily talented. Here’s another example of his work:


(Ukrainian students try on gas masks as part of a safety drill in a school in Rudniya, just outside the Chernobyl contamination zone, Monday, April 3, 2006 – source)

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  • Illegal settlers? Bullshit! The only illegal settlers in the West Bank are the Arabs.

  • No, actually, the reason the Israeli police are there is that these were illegal settlers on land that was settled illegally. The government of Israel and the Supreme Court of Israel concurred that this settlement was illegal.

  • You sound like a spokesperson for Hamas. The Israeli government and the Supreme Court are left-wing terrorist appeasers. The West Bank is Jewish dumbass!