Let’s not forget all the men and women who guard Israel in many difficult and dangerous assignments. Yom Hazikaron when we commemorate Israel’s fallen is upcoming…

While we’re at it, regardless of political feelings about the Iraq War, let us not forget all of our American soldiers who stand in harm’s way daily, having left behind their families and friends to serve bravely in Iraq because that is the mission our nation has assigned them.

Shabbat shalom.

(I apologize for having lost the pic source and can’t provide a link)

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  • While we at it let’s not forget all the 2400 Polish soldiers serving in Iraq who stand in harm’s way daily. Another one died on duty last friday serving bravely.

  • Right on. If you haven’t done so yet consider sending a contribution to Friends of IDF, or Friends of Israel Disabled Vets, or a package to a US soldier through

  • please semd me address of Friends of Disable Israeli Vets so I can send a contribution.