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3 clowns

Hey! This is ck adding stuff to Rabbi Yo’s post. So… the UC Intifada is meant to display the state of the art in Terror loving agitation. What you see here is in all likelihood going to make its way to a campus near you. In the photo above we see “Rabbi” Yisroel Dovid Weiss of the rabidly anti-Israel Neturei Karta sect and one of his flunkies making their way to the UC Irvine Campus. Their message is that Zionism and Judaism are diametrically opposed to each other. These clowns offer succor and support to any enemy of Israel and the Jewish people (remember the Amadenijad kiss?). So it was only fitting for our own Rabbi Yonah to greet these clowns in his own clown suit. Funny yes, but state of the art pro-Israel hasbrah? I dunno… we could do worse.

And clowns are funny…

UPDATED: Full Clown Photo coverage here on Facebook.

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  • Their small turnout is heartening, even if Carter got 3400 people to attend his talk.

    Who pays for the Neturei Karta guys to show up everywhere all the time?

  • Now I am going to have nightmares about both the NK and clowns together…

    I always wondered the same thing TM, especially considering how all over the place they seem to be.

  • Clowns are very scary, not funny.

    Read about all this BS reminds me of something that happened about 20 years ago…

    I recall once when I was in high school we had a speaker for MLK day that came from Bowdoin College – a local high brow liberal arts college. I believe she represented the African American student group, which if I recall correctly, had a house and a rather sizable budget for such a small campus.

    In her speech she talked about how the enslavement of Africans was the single worst thing every done to dehumanize a group of people and challenged us to think of any other. My brother and I stood up and said “The Holocaust?” this was actually bait, and we had taken it, as she began to rant and rave about how Jews exaggerate the crimes of the WWII, how they brought it upon them selves, and how by virtue of the general success of the Jews versus the Africans the Jews must not have faired that badly. We pressed her on why the comparison was needed. Could it not be there both people have suffered at the hands of blood thirsty Christians?

    Are you shocked yet? Well we were. And we essentially ran her of the stage. We also pressed Bowdoin to censure her, including prohibiting her from speaking publicly in such situation again while a student. Moreover, we requested she learn a little bit about Jews at the local library.

  • THis is a very interesting post that stirs a variety of feelings from me. First of all, its pretty disgusting to hear “victorious or martyrdom.” That’s scary on so many levels.

    Additionally, I have no problem with Jews attending events like this in order to keep an eye on these ridiculous activities, but I’m not sure I’m all that proud that we had a member of our community walking through mocking the event (however humerous the presentation). I was pretty amazed that nobody confronted Rabbi Yo (on film anyway).

    If the event was flipped, such as an Isreali Independence day celebration or Yom Hazikaron or something, and a Holocaust denier or Hamas member decided to pull a similar stunt, I would have a hard time treating them … I can’t really find the word … humanely?

    I’m conflicted … someone enlighten me please.

  • I gotta give the Rabbi credit — takes a sack to do what he did. Not sure I would advise it, but I do admire his courage.

  • Boomer,

    There is a fundamental difference in the fact that no campus would sanction a Yom Hatzmaut celebration that brandied about racist, libelous misinformation about Muslims or Xtians. I say cheers to Rabbi Yo, it is so easy to get angry or afraid of the bullshit that is spewed on campus. It takes real balls to show that all of these people–NK, the MSU at Cal Irvine, Ward Churchill, etc–are nothing but pathetic, hateful jokes. They do not even deserve engagement because there is no rational way to debate them.

  • Boomer, this wasn’t a celebration of Islam, or of the Arab world, or of the Palestinians. This event had the sole purpose of attacking Israel, Zionism, Zionists and…Jews. The objective of the event is to destroy Israel, nothing less. That speaker you watched for a few minutes speaks about that all the time. Why would you compare this type of event to a July 4th or Yom Ha’atzmaut celebration?

  • Maybe I misunderstood the event. Was this just a guy that sets up shop on the lawn and yells at people, or was this an organized event? Maybe middle states correctly that there is a difference between a celebration and an event in which the sole purpose is to attack Jews and Israel.

    Adam states “They do not deserve engagement” which is probably correct, but isn’t that what Rabbi Yonah did? Or did he engage in ridicule, which would serve less of a function than futile debate, as it brings us down to their level.

    I suppose this is my point of confusion … which is worse, to ignore those whom you can have no useful dialoge, or to ridicule them. Though I respect the opinions of other posters, I’d be more interested to hear a Jewish answer.

  • Boomer, I have thought about that alot. If there is a Jewish speaker that is spewing hateful epithets and telling America to watch out for the fifth column, and that we will destroy all of Islam, and the Arab countries, and so on and so…

    And about how the FBI, the Congress, The President, and the entire media are controlled and run by Arabs….

    Then I fully hope that a Moslim activist will take up the cause and creatively protest the vile speaker.

    Have you ever heard a Jew calling for the liquidation of Arab countries?

    Boomer, take heart.

    We have truth and justice on our side, they have evil designs on us and the world, sad to say.

    After this speech when I spoke with the students, they told me that Abraham and Sarah were Muslims.

  • Rabbi Yonah is a PIMP:
    Polite Infidel Meeting Psychos.

    I liked it a lot and could only wish I can help out. Please post any of these upcoming hatefests here so I can go and do something similar near where I live. Next one in the Detroit area, I’ll be there, but with the real clown shoes.

  • Rabbi Yonah: who are you? Are you a rabbi? Affiliated with Hillel? Chabad? I applaud your efforts; this shit was funny.

    Was there an additional, non-Yonah response to this event, perhaps from the Hillel or local Israel Action Committee?

    Just curious.

  • Boomer, just to clarify…

    When I said not to engage, I meant in debate, conversation, etc…because they only spew hate, lies and misinformation. They explicitly state that they want to kill Jews (read: Zionists), how can one ever talk to such people in a calm, constructive way?

    Thus, Rabbi Yo and his Crew did a great service by mocking their stupidity, spreading awareness (in the video you might notice that he was handing out flyers and such) and taking a higher road of love, happiness and general goofiness.

  • Adam – don’t worry, I wasn’t thinking of “engaging” like an F-16 lock on target fight, but exactly what you were describing, so no worries.

    I see a little more of the point of this non-invasive protest.

    Still, certainly not something I have the balls to do, but yasher koach.