It’s not enough that Jimmy published his manifesto replete with historical errors and plagiarized maps, but he is also on a crusade to spread his manure across college campuses. Today, he brings his road show to UC Irvine, a hotbed of anti-Israel, Jew-hating Moslems; a campus notorious for refusing to condemn Jew-baiting; a campus where Jews are intimidated and the US Commission on Civil Rights has found a pattern of discrimination and racism against Jewish students and supporters of Israel. No questions will be allowed- only pre-screened questions submitted on-line before today.

Will Jimmy speak about that? No. Jimmy will speak about how the bad are the Israelis and how wonderful are the Palestinians, and how Jews have too much influence in America, and that Israel and her supporters control American foreign policy, and that he is a peace-maker and a home-builder and peanut farmer, and he can be trusted to deliver the truth.

And it is unlikely that he will make any mention of the millions of dollars that have poured into his center from Arab Oil Sheiks and their totalitarian regimes, and other such sundry details from the life of a career politician.

The are billing this manure-fest as Carter Speaks on Peace- at 10:30am, UCI Bren Events Center.

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