craig_daniel.jpgWhat is it with Brit Daniel Craig aka the new James Bond with the most sculpted abs ever and the Jews? First, Craig goes undercover as a Mossad agent in Spielberg’s “Munich” and now the actor has signed on in Edward Zwick’s (“Blood Diamon”) latest production about WWII Jewish Resistance fighters, “Defiance.”

Storyline follows four Jewish brothers living in Nazi occupied Poland who escape into the forest, where they join up with Russian resistance fighters in battling the Nazis and trying to save the lives of other Jews.

And for all you “Bond” fans out there, have no fear. Craig will start filming the next installment of the Ian Fleming classic, “Bond 22” after he wraps up “Defiance.”

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  • As long as he takes of his shirt, I’m ok with it… but in all seriousness it’s nice to see another option for Jewish phenotypes represented in mainstream media.

  • yeah!!!my favorite line from munich is “the only blood i care about is jewish blood” and coming from such a mouth as craigs. oy

  • “yeah!!!my favorite line from munich is “the only blood i care about is jewish blood” and coming from such a mouth as craigs. oy”

    Wow, thats a bit racist. Its racist when a white nationalist says the only blood he cares about is white blood, and its racist when Jews say it.
    Nothing to be proud of here. Stop being racist.

    Give me hair raising, wig and all Sean Connery anyday. Daniel Craig is more Ian Fleming’S Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang crap.

  • Daniel Craig may be physically attractive but so is Paul Wolfowitz (IMHO)… it doesn’t stop someone from being a filthy supremacist. I don’t know if Craig is either Jewish or a Zionist, but I always thought he looked Jewish; the mouth and bone structure are not very Western European Caucasian, more Ashkenazi.

    If any Jew referred to me as “shiksa” in any context I’d attempt to knock his teeth down his throat.

  • “attempt.” That’s the key word. Good luck with that Sam. I grant you the permission to “attempt” to knock my teeth down my throat any time you like. You don’t even have to wait for me to call you anything disparaging.

  • “the mouth and bone structure are not very Western European Caucasian, more Ashkenazi”

    blah blah blah.

  • No way Craig is an MOT.

    If they ever decide to make a movie about Tsar Valdimir Putin, Craig’s gotta take that role.

    Is Sam off her meds?

  • Aluminium overdose!
    BBC Andrew Marr has the car,
    Always the Putin lookalike star,
    I am a forgeful poet,
    But I don’t know it.
    The terrible price of amnesia,
    But that don’t rhyme,
    Memory is never on Alzheimer’s mind.

    Courtesy of Paul Shakespeare Maleski, Broadmoor.

  • Daniel Craig is clearly not Jewish. The fact that he can come across as a remotely-believable intimidator should be proof enough.

  • Wow, a Jewish supremacy site.
    Well, what exactly is “supreme” about being “Jewish”?

    Jewish history is filled with being able to assimilate and survive in other cultures, and thrive.
    Without the “shiksa’s” help, modern Israel would NOT exist.

    Now that it does, it’s interesting to note that Jews are not removed from being war hungry, bullies, who feel they are superior. Yeah, welcome to the world that Europe has enjoyed for hundreds of years. But, please stop acting like such victims. That was a part of your past, and luckily a short duration of it. Israel has abused the Arabs MUCH longer than the Nazi’s did.
    And, I’m supposed to accept that?
    I don’t like knowing that Nazi’s were such evil pigs who would target a certain group for terrorism, and I apply the same disgust at Israel, and any Jew or Zionist who supports Israel in that endevor.

    Daniel Craig is as “Jewish” as most Israeli’s are.

  • Alright.
    So, since you feel some or all of my comments make me a liar and/or a moron, then perhaps you can clear up why you think that? Address my points and tell me where I am wrong, a liar, and moronic.

    I don’t mind having a discussion on this at all.

    I would like to say that I posted what I did mainly in response to the Jewish supremacy commentary posted on here.
    Some of it, like CK’s comment, is downright nasty, moronic, elitist, and provokes comments like mine. Being Jewish shouldn’t give you the right to act superior, just like being an anglo-saxon white European does not either. But, I can see and read on here that that idea isn’t valid for some.

    BTW, no I am not “Jewish” or “white”. And, “Jewish” is a religion not a genetic category like “white” is.
    That’s why “Jews” can come in a variety of colors and cultures, just like Christians and Muslims even.

  • Shiksa, if you don’t realize that you’re lying, then you’re not lying which only leaves the other possibility that you’re a moron. After rereading this post, the comments that follow and then your comments, I think we’ve hit the nail on its tiny little head.

  • middle,

    I “don’t realize” that I’m lying?
    What the hell does that even mean?
    Your comments are obviously from someone who is clueless about a subject, and resorts to personal attack.
    You haven’t addressed single comment I’ve made, but you certainly have tried to personally insult me.

    It doesn’t work. I’m not threatened by you as you don’t have enough intelligence to have a good discussion or debate. You offer nothing.

    I’ll give you another opportunity to show that you might have a tenth of a clue, and it’s an easy one.
    You say I am lying. Ok. What am I lying about?

    Your attempt at some circular “reasoning” to paint me into one or the other negative is stupid and truly moronic.

    Try again.

  • Middle, right on. As a German, I’m embarrassed to see that the forever-yesterdays, as we call them, still are trying to cover their indifference towards respectively involvement in NS ideology and crimes by alleged ignorance.

  • I don’t debate (about) morons.

    – the middle

    Clearly thats true because you seem to be unable to talk about your own people.

    Good day

  • Another revision of WW II (Definance). Just goes to show who owns and controls the media in the world.

  • There are enough Nazi movies that water down the truth about the suffering of the Jewish people, thank G-D for movies that actually depict the reality of what really took place like (Defiance).
    Shiksa, if there is another Holocaust where will we go if Israel is gone? The land of the Arabs is vast, they are grossly rich, believe me if they wanted to they could take care of the Palestinians(Arabs) there own people. They choose not to in order to keep the conflict brewing. Their wish is the absolute destruction and termination of the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

  • First time reader,and after reading your “discussions”, last time, definatly last time. It must be hard though trying to define/justify your place in the world when yo “country” is only there because of another, larger country and yo can never tell, unless you ask, if someone is in fact jewish?

  • Why is it that the only Jews the left can tolerate are Jews who are being murdered, exiled, robbed, pillaged ? When Jews fight back, or movies are made about Jews fighting back, the left (who are useful idiots for the pan-Islamic and Arab nationalist cause) …when Jews fight back and defend themselves, suddenly Jews become “nazis, the same as nazis, as bad as nazis, settler-colonialists, oppressors of the poor Palestinians,” etc etc ad nauseum. No left wing columnist ever mentions the hundreds of thousands of Jews forcibly thrown out of the Arab and Islamic countries, all their property stolen, many of their family members beaten or murdered or kidnapped. That is the other story of refugees in the middle east that the so-called progressive left and the Arab and Islamic academics like to sweep under the rug. They pretend it never happened just like they pretend Jews have no historical ties to Jerusalem. It is the big lie procedure, lies repeated again and again and ignorant people swallowing them especially if they have never had a decent education to start with. Or if they are Arabs they have probably been fed a stream of lies since kindergarten, regarding, Jews, Israel, so – called “Palestinians, ” and etc.

  • You are all morons!!! Let me educate jews and idiotic, politically correct non-jews on what a jew is.
    A jew in Europe has always been an ethno-religious group similar to the moors in Spain. Islam, like Judaism has never been the “white” man’s religion. It is a semitic religion. For all of you out there who don’t know what semitic means, it is an ethno-linguisitc group that includes all Arabic people which is what the Jews in Europe are. They are nothing more than transplanted arab merchants in Europe which is why you hear people say Jew Nose, Jew Lips, Jewish smile, jew hair, dark jews, etc. The sephardic jews that left spain for holland all have DNA tests that trace them to Lebanon. But just like black people in America, they have been mixed. In the case of Daniel Craig, he has as much business calling himself jewish as I have calling myself black (obviously I am white). He is a product of generations of interracial marriages and conversions with white European Christians and not with Semitic Jews. Sephardic jews are spanish jews and Middle eastern/north african jews. Ashekanazi jews are eastern european jews, not German jews. BTW, all of my slavic friends make fun of jewish people for looking jewish as do my jewish friends…THere’s that jewish pride!!!! jews from Poland and russia and Germany or england do not look like white europeans unless mixed enough. Lets face it…lots of white women marry jewish men for the money and convert, but these women are no members of the tribe…Incidentally, i have had to defend jews to other jews by saying that you can look jewish and be pretty like Fran Dreachner or gina gershon. I said this as a jew sneared at bette midler for looking jewish…now she is blonde but one look at that face and her obvious Arab looks bring shame to many a jew with serious Uncle tom issues….so when you show me daniel craig and say that it’s a race and not a religion or worse yet that daniel is what Semites look like, I am offended by jewish people’s racial misappropraition of my slavic heritage the same as I would be if black people said that blacks with blue eyes get it from their negroid roots….Jews look like d. craig b/c of racial assimilation of jews in the 20th century, something culturally conscious europeans called the jewification of europe decades b4 wwll. And you ask why race wars are fought???? Real Jews look like chandra levy or joey ramone or jeff goldblum or the cast of seinfeld or gina gershon etc Jews need to begin to embrace their arabic heritage epsecially since they took a piece of the middle east as their ancestrail homeland like the blacks did with liberia. They are the people of judah.. when you treat it as just a religion you bastardize the culture
    p.s. Ethiopian jews have a very vague ethnic tie to semitic people, but of course the semitic blood has not been preserved like it has in Europe. Black is dominate (except for the girl who played hillary in the fresh prince of belair). and yes there are chinese jews but they are religious jews they are not semitic

    • This person is an ignoramus. Yes the Jews are one of the original Semitic peoples, close kin to the Phoenicians,
      aka Canaanites. What the Phoenicians, and the Jews have in common is that they were great trading nations. There are many biblical references to the international trade conducted by King Solomon going far to the north into Europe and far to the South into Africa. And Jews intermarried with the peoples around them since the time of Moses and certainly during the time when Jewish traders traveled to Europe, traveled to Scandanavia, traveled to Ethiopia and etc. So there are Jews whose families have been members of the tribe, who have had blonde hair and blue eyes, for a thousand years or more, BEFORE the birth of Jesus. Then after the diaspora, most of the Jews were scattered among Roman colonies, with many arriving in Germany, in Spain, in Britain, all places where Celtic peoples lived and all places where there was mixing, no matter what the religious prohibitions against it.
      This was not a phenomena of the 20th century and the writer of the post only displays his abysmal ignorance and shallow knowledge of history. The majority of Jews do look Semitic but a significant minority looks Northern European, just as Aryan as Niels Bohr the Danish Jewish physicist….to give one example.

  • ‘Here for a few unpleasant’st words. That ever blotted paper.’As for sweet talking Shakespeareian kosher Hitler above; he or she hides his or her emotions. It is time for he or she to venture out of the in-between closet. How every fool can play upon the word!

  • I can’t believe the comments above! What are people who are clearly anti-semitic doing on a website like this? The comment about World War II revision made me cry. Another idiot claiming the Holocaust did not happen. And comparisons of Israel to Nazis. Lovely. What is wrong with you people?` The suffering we Jews have been through at the hands of people like you is not of short duration. Unfortunately through centuries and millenia, there are plenty of stupid, anti-semitic people like yourselves to torture us. Perhaps if you spent more time reading about the history of the world and what has happened not only to Jews, but Bosniens, Croats, Rwandans, etc., you would have a better grasp of the suffering in the world. But clearly you are all too busy comparing Israel to the Nazis and insulting Jews to realize that all of you are actually the new Nazis. Jewish or not, I realize one thing. I am CLEARLY better than all of you!

    Swede Jew: You arrogant Scandinavian so and so; Paul Maleski, is no better nor worse, than the rest of humanity. Swede Jew, never ever blague Paul Maleski. As for your neighbouring shallow Baltic Sea: ‘Next these learn’d Jonson, in this list I bring. Who had drunk deep of the Pieran spring.’ Drink deep my dear Baltic friend. Zyclon B mass murder is a post war Zionist myth! That is not to say, the Nazis did not mass murder jews; however, they slaughtered far more Slavs; it is a pity that Spielberg does not make a propaganda film, concerning this grotesque genocide. Russia won the war and they did something far more sinister than gassing; the victors injected millions of German women with myriad gallons Soviet creamy fertilizer. And all the Nazis supermen could do: Is nothing! Power or evil? A bit of both, I suspect. Earlybird Germany, knows too painfully in their guts, that they are only predestined in life, to take their pristine towels, prematurely; to hotel pools across the Med. Rough at the edges, white Christian Russia is still the top European dog!

  • Paul Maleski you are an idiot! I was not referring simply to you (nor even mainly to you) in my comment. Zyclon B is NOT a myth! And I am not an arrogant Scandinavian. In fact, despite the name I have chosen to use, I have as much right to call myself a Scandinavian as you do to call yourself a human being. Which is to say none. No one has said that Russia is innocent. Nor has anyone denied that more than Jews were killed. But Hitler/Germans did NOT kill more Slavs than Jews. The numbers are fairly equal when one compares Jews together with all other groups (Slavs, homosexuals, priests, political prisoners). Steven Spielberg has no obligation to do a film about what happened in Russia any more than another filmmaker that did so would have to do about the Holocaust. What happened, happened, and Holocaust deniers like yourself cannot change that. What I don’t understand is why you all are out on a site like this. Nor do I understand why the administrators allow this. You clearly demonstrate your ignorance, racism and inhumanity with your comments. Don’t forget that the world is neither predominantly white nor predominantly Christian. Also, right now I CAN understand why Hitler wanted to kill Slavs. I have that feeling about you right now.

  • Jews are a unified, peaceful and peace-loving people. Those who are allowed to proclaim themselves Jewish within the community of Jews who make this possible, and outwardly to anyone who is not Jewish, as individuals represent what it is to be Jewish. This is the same for all human ethnic, religious, or corporate groups who might act by identity to maintain or expand an identity.

    The best and most beloved leaders in the world. The Jew who lets you be a Jew does so because you make what it is to be alive a celebration, even where you suffer and those who are incomplete beings around you have not found themselves. Jealously guarding and maintaining conflict to rise is not the way of empathy nor does it understand itself to be Jewish by the token of your membership.

    A Jew may become a Goyim by lacking a true understanding of the divinity of their birth, which is not, as a Jew, to be confused with birthright. The meaning of Goyim you use as a Jew if only to aggrandize the self without finding a completeness of divinity within the self is applicable to the self. Knowing that conversion from Jew to Goyim is as valid as Goyim to Jew makes this inescapable.

    This is the principal of Zion within each human being that the Jew who has found it for themselves tasks themselves to recognize within others or help them to reveal.

    And in that human way of minimizing the value of the open spirit there is nothing more to be heard on the subject. That’s it. That’s all.

  • What’s all this nonsense about Judaism being “just another religion”? It’s not. If it was then I could convert today and move to Israel next month, or maybe even 5 years from now… You’ve got to jump through a lot of hoops to even sort of “officially” qualify as Jewish, then you’re STILL not allowed into Israel for good unless you’re of an appropriate, OLD “Jewish” bloodline. Actually to move to Israel all you need is the bloodline, you can be a pagan priest for all they care, most Israelis aren’t even religious they’re atheist. They still count as “Jewish” though. It’s all about blood and genetics people, get it through your heads. “The chosen ones”? A religion of self-worship, that’s all it is.

    Also Shiksa, “shiksa” is a crude insult against non-Jewish females so you might want to stop calling yourself that. (Wikipedia says it means “maiden” but they’re full of shit… check an actual encyclopedia).

  • in 1934 the Nuremberg Laws decided a Jew was anyone with one Jewish grandparent. That was all it took to be put on a train for the gas chambers or shot. The western countries admitted a lot of Jewish refugees but most were denied entry and neither the western alliance, nor the Russians, were willing to bomb Auschwitz or the rail lines leading to the death camps. Part of traditional Russian Jew hating had seeped over to the Soviet leadership. Some eastern European ghettoes rebelled as the Red Army approached , and the heroic Red Army would camp out across the river or a few miles away and wait for the SS to wipe out the Zhids , before the Russians advanced. And if you were Jewish inside the USSR after WW2, your ID and passport were stamped ZHID. The Communists considered being Jewish a nationality. So the Jews have been defined over the centuries by their enemies, including the Inqquisition in Spain, Portugal, and the New World seeking out Catholics of Jewish background who might still be loyal to the God of Israel. Whether or not a person was actually Jewish was immaterial. The accusation allowed the inquisitors to seize someone’s property and have them judicially hung or byrned at the stake. And the Islamic world invented the yellow star for its Jews, who have always been an abused minority that could be rounded up at the drop of a hat. So Jews are defined by the people who hate them.

  • All of you crying jews are very hilarious, especially Swede Jew…you don’t even realise how discriminating and racist you became trying to make your point and say you’re better than anyone else on this forum criticising your beloved religion/race??? BTW you still can’t answer that question, what is being Jewish?
    You say the number of slaughtered Slavic people was equally the same than Jews, I’ve never heard them cry or getting compensations or Shoa’s signed all over the globe?

    Stop whining and open your eyes your past doesn’t justify your blindness and atrocities you people perpetrate.