You might recall that Steven Weinberg, the Nobel laureate decided that this is a bad time for a Jew to visit the UK on an academic exchange.

Well, here’s today’s news:

The University and College Union (UCU) of Britain, the largest academic organization in the United Kingdom, voted on Wednesday in favor of an academic boycott of Israel.

The motion was passed despite the UCU leader’s appeal to members of the union to ignore the call for an academic boycott.

Of the UCU representatives present, 158 voted in favor of the motion, 99 voted against, and 8 abstained.

No big deal. Seriously. Everybody stop with the anguish and self-searching.

Israel should remember that they’re at war and that this boycott is hypocrisy at its deepest. Singling out Israeli academics is shameful and nothing more. The shame is the union’s, and frankly, this vote is not surprising considering where British (and some American) academia has taken us regarding the Middle East in the past couple of decades. I know they won’t do this, in large part because many careers will be directly impacted in Israel because of this boycott, but Israeli universities should simply put out the appropriate press releases and move on to conduct research and other exchanges with other countries. If other countries follow suit, Israeli academics should focus on the US and allow THE US TO BE AN EVEN GREATER BENEFICIARY OF ISRAEL’S EXTRAORDINARY ACADEMIA.

Really, don’t waste time and energy on this issue because it is nothing more than hypocrisy for a country that sits in Iraq as an occupier, and in many ways is responsible for the divisions in the Middle East, to boycott Israel for its war with the Palestinians.

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