Breakout phenom British singer Amy Winehouse (who could be a stand-in for Diana Ross circa The Supremes) is getting married this Summer and wants a traditional Jewish wedding. Unfortunately for Amy, her fiance is not Jewish which requires that he undergo the necessary conversion before he can be “fit” to go under the Chupah. The glitch is that the wedding is slated for the Summer and a typical conversion can take over a year (not including circumcision). Clearly Winehouse found a more (er, um) lenient rabbi to perform the conversion.

Well Kudos to Amy and Mazel Tov on the marriage. We only hope it lasts longer than fellow Jewish mystical follower Britney Spears.

ps In lieu of the possible complications that might arise from this conversion and the trademark Rocker-style squabbles that might ensue between now and then, Michael, you may still have a chance to squeeze yourself in.

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  • a stand-in for Diana Ross in terms of her appearance, or vocals? cause either way, i don’t see/hear it.

  • I think she looked better a bit heavier and sans the navy-esque tattoos.

    Her voice is great though.

  • The good thing about ambitious tattooing of this sort, for those of us who don’t particularly enjoy the genre, is that those who do it eventually run out of space.

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