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  • Please dont tip your hat to a website like failed messiah… Total BS there.

  • I saw the image there, they get the hat tip. That doesn’t mean you or I or anybody has to agree with the opinions of the source.

    More important is the question of what happens to men as they age. The rocks seem to be doing fine.

  • It is always amazing to me that Israelis (and those who visit) get to walk among those who fought for their independence.

  • It’s the same exact men in both pictures. Oh wow. How beautiful. Thank you for posting this!

    TM, men age fine. One G-d, many worlds. Not one world, many gods. Men come back, or go on, as needed.

  • When men age their egos and prostates get bigger.

    (no disrespect to the amazing soldiers in the pics)

  • These three men’s faces – their expressions – seem the same in both pictures, under the obvious marks of age. They may not have changed them at all. Forty years have left them: still themselves. That ought to cheer us all up.

  • The incomes may get bigger but the brains do not and they remain located close to the prostate from they day they are born.

  • Cut it out, ladies, the most meaningful change is that we lose our 6-pack stomachs and replace them with tiny, cute little paunches that highlight our belly-buttons.

    Now excuse me while I go and exercise.

  • I’m hatin’ on men this month…it’s my birthday and I’ll hate if I want to. Or, we can take me out and find me some 27 year olds to play with…the over 40 crowd just doesn’t cut it with me….

  • To go with your cute nic, buy yourself something in snakeskin for your birthday.

  • Snakeskin kitty heels and a new lipstick won’t help this time…I need botox, liposuction, a breastlift and a brand-new boy toy to make it through this birthday, but thanks for your support.