I know, we’ve covered this already. But then I saw this video and it brought home just how ridiculous this is. It never fails to surprise me that Israel is such a blend of coarseness and sophistication. This falls in the former category.

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  • Wow – I never thought that the Israeli government would think up something like that.

    To me (and maybe I’m making a really big deal out of this,) but it seems that Israel wants to be more like the U.S. ?

  • Yes, it is true that some American images and things have definitely made their way into Israeli society. At the same time, Israel isn’t the only country that is trying to be like the US.

  • you know this is only going to backfire. Bend over backwards to show that we are “just like everybody else” and they’re just going to fire back that we’re sluts.

  • like who is all these sex images is going to improve Israel? plus CNN is anti-semetic. plus i cannot believe the gov’t brought up this idea. we need a new gov’t today.