I thought it both amusing and interesting that a mildly amusing article about Israeli passion for hummus, had commentators writing in the comments section that hummus was Palestinian food and the Israelis stole it, just as they did the land.

What is wrong with people?


Hummus is the common denominator for all Israelis. Ask an expatriate what he misses most, watch two Israelis argue for hours about where the best hummus is served, or try driving through the hummus-eateries filled streets of Jaffa on a Saturday and you’ll understand: Israelis simply love their hummus. That is understandable considering the fact that an average Israeli consumes about 10 kg (about 22 lbs) of hummus a year.

One of the comments by “Khalid” from the Netherlands:

The official Zionist line is to deny any reference to the Palestinians or their culture,(they are just low class backward, uncivilized people, who came from Saudi Arabia to take the Israelis land ). I think what the author actually meant is that hummus was the national dish of the Magic kingdom 2800 years ago, then the barbarian Palestinians came from Saudi Arabia to steal it from them, and the meantime they became better than the Israelis in preparing it. Cut this crap Will you? and educate yourself before writing articles like this. The hummus, fool, (and all the related starters) enjoyed by Israelis are originally Arab and Palestinian dishes. Moreover, what I am sure of is that in the lands where most Israeli came from (russia, Romania, Poland, the ukraine, …) hummus is unknown except in Arab restaurants.

The Israel-supporters respond. Here’s YBZ:

By the way, so much of so-called “Arab” cuisine is actually Greek/Turkish originally. Do we hear the Greeks or Turks engaging in infantile antics over the “appropriation” of their cultural and culinary heritage by the Arabs? Jews have lived in the Middle-east for thousands of years, not just Europe. Jews have contributed immensely to the development and refinement of middle-eastern classical music, cuisine, literature and in all aspects. We eat falafels, shwarma, ‘anba, kofteh, timman bajilla, malawich, kabab, samak, HUMMUS, sahlab, Kunafa..etc whether you like it or not. Its as much Jewish as it is Arab or middle-eastern. What is this takhalluf?

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  • Ful is mentioned repeatedly in the mishna. Ruth has a reference to what is clearly hummus, although it’s usually translated as vinegar. As YBZ says, these are regional foods that long precede the expansion of Arabs.

    As with most Palestinian raging, there’s a kernel of legitimate grievance — I was surprised, as a yeshiva kid, to discover that Arabs ate falefel, which had always been presented to me as uniquely Israeli — that gets amplified way past the point of sanity.

  • Besides, Israeli hummus is much better because of the Xtian and Arab baby blood in it. And you thought that was matbucha…

  • Khalid is attempting to hang on to any sort of national Arab pride, and if hummus is the best he can find, so be it.

    I do find that Israeli hummus is different than the Arab-made hummus that I find here in Phoenix. My favorite commercially made hummus is called “Tribe.” It’s good stuff and is also Kosher. I wonder if non-Jews understand that inside joke.


    Its too bad I can’t find any good schwarma. Nobody has anything that is close to as good as even the WORST street vendor in Jerusalem

  • haha, good point Boomer.

    But…now we have a fight on our hands.

    Sabra’s hummus is wayyyy superior. Far creamier and fresher tasting.

    And, if I’m not wrong didn’t Tribe used to be called Tribe of Two Shieks?