I figure if we could find a couple of professional Jewish golfers, we would have an excuse to cover Tiger Woods, just like everybody else.

Imagine the traffic we would get.

Here are today’s British Open scores.

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  • Tiger isn’t Jewish?

    Kultida Woods (nee Punsawad), originally from Thailand, is of mixed Thai (50 percent), Chinese (25 percent), and Dutch (25 percent) ancestry.

    If that Dutch ancestor was his mother’s mother…

    Maybe we can invite him to Jewlicious?

    • Ummm, I think the problem may lie in the and?…. or “big whup….” factor in investing so much time and effort to get a little ball in a hole. There are things to be done, real goals to be accomplished. Besides, Jews prefer confrontational sports like Basketball and Wrestling. Golf is a game you can play by yourself! It’s a huge waste of time, at least 4 hours per round and I don’t think too many Jewish wives put up with that much abandonment for such a foolish pursuit. I once tried to get a weekly game going with a Jewish friend of mine, his wife would call up at least 8 times during our round with such complaints as “the dog ran away” or “Katy misses her Daddy.” He finally told me he couldn’t play with me anymore because the wife wouldn’t allow it. Just as well, he was a klutz anyway.

      • I love when my husband plays golf! He works really hard and it is his favorite thing to do. I only call him once during a game to see how it is going!

  • JVibe –> gametimeMorgan Pressel is the new face on the Ladies’ Professional Golf … As a young Jewish teen growing up in Boca Raton, Fla., Pressel started playing golf when …

    Amy Alcott[96]
    Jonathan Kaye[97]
    Morgan Pressel (1988–) professional golfer[98]
    Corey Pavin Lead PGA golfer of the mid-70s to mid-80s[99]

    Source for above.

    She’s at the Fore-Front | The Jewish ExponentLast month, the golfer petitioned the Ladies Professional Golf Association to bypass the rules and grant her permission to join the tour prior to her 18th

    • Corey Pavin renounced his being Jewish………….Bruce Fleischer had a very long PGA career is now a member of the Senior PGA Tour is Jewish and proud of it!

  • source


    Sport: Golf
    Inducted: 1993
    Country: United States
    Born: December 23, 1909 in Port Chester, New York
    Died: June 1978


    One of the top professional golfers of the 1930s and 1940s, Herman Barron won his first major tournament title, the Philadelphia Open, in 1934, and his last, the World Seniors Championship, in 1963.

    While among the Professional Golf Association’s leading money winners during his tournament career, his hottest streak occurred in 1946, when within three weeks he won the Philadelphia Inquirer Open, finished fourth in the U.S. Open, and captured the rich All-America Championship at Tam O’Shanter in Chicago. His U.S.
    Open finish was one stroke behind the legendary Ben Hogan, the only PGA golfer in 1946 to win more prize money than Barron’s $23,000. During this pre-television period, barely a dozen pro golfers made their living on the Tour.

    • I dunno, bullfighting has been around since Roman times, about 1 in 4 people in Spain have Jewish ancestry, I’m sure there has been at least a few people of Jewish heritage or cryptic Jews that made it big in that sport, if not actual bullfighters, the promoters, remember it is show business after all.

  • We need a ruling here on Corey Pavin. He was born Jewish but became a born again Christian and is well-known on the tour for leading bible study groups. Is Rabbi Yo the nearest rules official on the course?

    • He won two gold medals in the Maccabiah games of 1981, likely he still considered himself a Jew back then and for some time thereafter during the rise of his career. So, for the purposes of this question -Are there any famous Jewish golfers? You might claim that Corey Pavin is one up until the time he converted, unless you are from the ‘once a Jew…’ school.

    • born a jew always a jew. there once was a young girl in atlanta who decided not to be a jew…she joined the church and went into the convent. she was always referred to as ” that jewish nun.” got the point guys?

  • Tania Abitbol is a professional LPGA golfer from Madrid who cam in 4th in the US Open in 1994.

    Corey Pavin can lead all the bible studies he wants, he can proclaim the virtue of Jesus Christ , he can eat ham and cheese sandwiched until the cows come home – once a jew, always a jew…

    • Golf is so gentile it turned a perfectly good Jew into one.

  • If he was born a Jew, he is a Jew. The fact that he converted for his ex-wife, leads bible study, is very interesting.

  • Horseshit. The guy converts and talks about JC, he’s a Christian.

  • Sorry DeisCane. Judaism does not recognize conversions. Dude’s still a Jew no matter what he does.

  • In terms of “claiming” people in the public eye, I recognize the hell out of conversions.

  • Yeah, well… I’m not claiming anyone. I’m just stating a fact – in the eyes of Judaism, that bible-thumping, Christian marrying nimrod is as Jewish as rugelach is fattening. Shabbat Shalom!

    • Not to incite anything here (religious or otherwise) but how about the concept of letting people DECIDE BY THEMSEVELVES what they are? Thanks

      I am Latin American and often times have found people telling me what I should “claim ” to be.. “you’re too white..you have no accent ..blah blah..” I always respond. How about letting me decide what I am? what I want to be called? what religion I want to follow? etc etc. Kind of goes well with the word RESPECT. It works on all kinds of subjects too.. Everyone should try it. My two cents. Thanks.

  • At least the Orthodox are consistent … they don’t recognize conversions to or from Judaism unless it was performed by them!

    If Pavin is a Jew, than we should pigeonhole him just like we pigeonhole every other Jew (Conservative, Neo-Hassidic, Bookish Modern, Bukharian Sephardic, etc) I declare him to be SHANDA JEWISH.

  • ck – Tania Abitol… how would you happen to know that tidbit?

    Since none of you are USGA rules officials I pulled the worn pocket copy of “The Rules Of Golf” from my golf bag. In reference to Corey Pavin:

    6-2b/3.5 – Wrong Religious Preference Recorded on Score Card by Committee; Error Discovered Before Competition Closed

    Q. In a stroke-play competition, the Committee issues the score cards containing the competitor’s religious preference in addition to his name and the date.

    The Committee mistakenly records a competitor’s religious preference as Jewish instead of Born Again Christian and this affects the number of Jewish fans he has gained since his US Open victory. The error remains unnoticed until after the card is returned, but before the competition has closed. What is the ruling?

    A. The competitor should be disqualified under Rule 6-2b. It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure that his correct religious preference is recorded on his score card before it is returned to the Committee.

    Sorry guys, but Mr. Pavin should’ve known the rules before breaking his mother’s heart.

    It’s said the ex-wifey converted Pavin but also know Pavin had come under the “spell” of right wing born-again Christian Tom Lehman. I used to be a Lehman fan as he and I share the same alma mater. But I can’t be a homer enough to go there anymore. Rah Morgan Pressell!

  • Cheer up, ramon. There’s always Laurence Maroney. Not to mention Dave Winfield.

  • We do miss Maroney’s hair. You a Pat’s fan Tom? And what about Paul Molitor?

    But of all of our great athletic alumni, non top Nobel Prize and recent Congressional Medal of Honer winner Norman Borlaug. Not only a hero to Greens everywhere but also helped create one of the greatest college wrestling programs of all time and is a member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

  • Yeah, ramon, Pats fan here (in Boston)– though in the spirit of the ever-unforthcoming Bill Belichick, maybe I should neither confirm nor deny that.

    Molitor was one of my favorite players. And Borlaug sounds a tad more admirable than Winfield…. Fear Maroney may end up an injury-prone bust (that’s the Red Sox fan in me, I guess).

  • Maroney’s young, he’ll heal up. (It’s the shoulder right? – bummer.) He was never the short-yardage guy in school so all this up-the-middle stuff is new to him.

    Oh, to be a Boston sports fan. So much to do. Although I’ve done that drive to the football stadium from the city and it was kind of a drag.

    Speaking of Jewish golfers, we do have a pro from here named Bill Israelson. Although, like Norman Jewison, the name is deceiving.

  • Hold on a sec.

    Are you claiming Bourlag as a Jew or as a Bostonian?

  • Ephraim – my apologies, I’ll backtrack a little. Tom and I had gotten onto a discussion about great athletes from my alma mater. It was off topic. I tried and failed to bring it back on topic with my last sentence about Bill Israelson. I’m trying (not that hard, mind you) to get some confirmation on him.

    But wouldn’t that be cool if Borlaug was a MOT? In any case, he’s definitely not a native Bostonian.

  • Bruce Fleisher (Champions Tour) and Morris Hatalsky (Champions Tour) are both jewish.

  • Champions Tour doesn’t really count, anyway. There may not be many Jewish PGA golfers. But look on the bright side. Sergio and Phil aren’t Jewish.

  • Nah, you don’t want to take credit for him– not unless he either wins a major or drops the Eurotrash wardrobe (that guy’s a disgrace to adidas).

  • There are a couple professional Jewish golfers that you may recognize. Corey Pavin is the most notable along with Bruce Fleisher. Others include David Merkow Rob Oppenheim, Morgan Pressel, Jonathan Kaye, Amy Alcott, and Herman Barron.

    I know this because my organization, Maccabi USA/Sports for Israel is recruiting elite Jewish athletes for the 18th World Maccabiah Games in Israel in July 2009.


    • I know a jewish golfer. He’s my son. He’s 6 years old. He been invited and/or qualified to play this 2011 summer at the Callaway Junior World Championship Torrey Pines/San Diego, the TaylorMade Junior Master’s/ Las Vegas and also European Junior Championships in Soctland.
      Her’e a competitive swing analysis, Oliver against Ernie Els and Tiger Woods:

      Whatever he aspires to is fine with me. He’s had a beautiful natural swing since the age of 3. So if he wants golf, then he’ll be a hell of a Jew Golfer.

      David in Seattle

    • Sorry, Cory Pavin converted from being Jewish to being a Protestant.

  • NOw that he’s won the Masters, we must know for sure whether Immelman is or is not

  • The guy who won the US Masters is called Immelman. He has a son called Jacob. Sounds promising.

    (I am not Jewish, alas, only Welsh.)

  • Trevor Immelman’s father is named Johan. I’m guessing Immelman is not a Jew, just a Boer. Sorry to bore you.

  • Immelman’s son is called Jacob. Famous South African Immelmans include Neil Immelman an accomplished classical musician and RFM Immelman, a famous Librarian (people of the book?) who worked at the University of Cape Town in the 50s. Otherwise, after an exhaustive search, there is no record of Immelman being a particularly Jewish name. So who knows? But more importantly, who cares!

  • I have been a golf teacher in Vermont for almost 40 years and have met many fine Jewish golfers.The best,however was my Clark University teammate Howie Cohen.Howie’s dad owned Johns Bargain stores on Long Island.Howie was L.I. Jr champ and had a great university career.He married the beautiful Rosy,daughter of thr Pres of the NY diamond Exc.Seven carat rock on her ring finger.I lost track of old Howie,but I hope He is still swinging

  • Marrying the daughter of the prez of the NY Diamond Stock Exchange must be a great way to kill a golf career…and develop one in fine stones. A tip of the ol’ golf cap to Howie Cohen and Rosy, wherever they may be swinging.

  • Robert Bicknell is Jewish professional golfer (semi-retired). He is considered the father of golf in Vietnam (being the first golf professional there since the end of the war – 16 years now) and manages golf resorts.

    He is also a weekly columnist for Vietnam News (over 10 years) and also writes for two golf magazines in Vietnam.

    He has been interviewed by CNN & BBC numerous times.

    He has a Vietnamese wife and daughter.

  • In response to Longball, I’m happy to report that Howie and Rosanne Cohen are my parents. He doesn’t get out and swing as much as in the old days, but it’s nice to know that the legends are true. 😀

  • Corey Paver can dunk himself in all the baptismal water, read the Bible all he wants, him blood is 100% jewish.

  • Trevor Immelman is definately not jewish. He grew up in Somerset West near Cape Town and in fact his family are quite religous christians. What about Skip Kendall and Spencer Levin ?

  • Mark Silvers from Savannah, Georgia qualified for the US OPEN! He is a professional and is Jewish.

  • Wade Morris is an up and coming Jewish Golfer. He was ejected from a PGA tournament last year at Angeles National Golf Club (the pre-qualifier for the Northern Trust), after he filed a Complaint of Discrimination with the State of California against the facility.

    Allegedly Wade Morris, who was formerly employed at Angeles National Golf Club, had warned the management that some of it’s policies were illegal. Morris alleges that he was not allowed time of for Jewish holidays. He also alleges that females and people who were not Japanese or White Americans were subjected to discrimination.

    Since his complaint five people have filed lawsuits against Angeles National Golf Club.

    The PGA just confirmed that Wade Morris is again set to play at the pre-qualifier on February 9, 2011, at Angeles National Golf Club. It will be interesting to see if Angeles National Golf Club has the nerve to try and kick him out of the tournament again! (If they do


    An anti-discrimination rally is planned Wednesday, February 9, 2011, from 9:00 to noon in front of Angeles National Golf Club in Sunland California following the golf club’s refusal to allow Jewish Golfer, Wade Morris, to participate in a PGA tournament there.

    According to civil rights attorney, Ann A. Hull, Rob Keller of the Southern California PGA confirmed that Angeles National Golf Club intends to prevent Morris from competing in the PGA’s 2011 pre-qualifier to the Northern Trust tournament. According to Keller, Andy Nakano of Angeles National Golf Club informed the PGA that the reason they are refusing to allow Morris to compete this year is because Morris filed a lawsuit against Angeles National Golf Club.

    Last year Angeles National Golf Club demanded Wade Morris leave the premises when he arrived to participate in the pre-qualifier for the PGA’s Northern Trust tournament. Weeks earlier, Morris had filed a “Complaint of Discrimination” with California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing, alleging discrimination by Angeles National on account of his Jewish faith.

    Angeles National Golf Club is located at 9401 Foothill Boulevard in Sunland, California 91040. The club is owned by Japanese billionaire, Minoru Itsutani, who once owned Pebble Beach.

    In addition to Morris, four other individuals filed lawsuits against Angeles National Golf Club last year. According to Hull, multiple lawsuits allege that the Sunland golf club discriminated against ethnic groups, minorities, and females.

    Rally organizers are requesting that those participating in the rally stay in the public area in front of Angeles National Golf Club and not block traffic.

    cory pavin can lead bible studies and cross himself all day long but inside he still must control his inherited urges to have potato latkes .. his parents must be very proud that a jewish boy who played maccabiah golf in Israel now wants to wash down a pastrami sandwich with a glass of milk


    • Cary, Levin is a very typical Jewish name. But then again so is Cohen and not all Cohens are Jewish. To date, there is still no information on whether or not Spencer is a Jew, or considers himself Jewish or anything. “Spencer” is NOT a very Jewish first name for what its worth…

  • It’s kinda funny reading about anti-discrimination rallies after the “we are everywhere” comments…

  • I am 85 I have known several Spencers all of whom were Jewish since 1934. Can’t tell by a name–and as someone said a good athlete is a good athlete who cares what his religion is. Jews can be good athletes Remember Vic Seixas a tennis champ. My mind fails me, but wasn’t there prominent Jewish baseball and football players–the football guy from my alma mater Erasmus Hall HS in Brooklyn.

  • just heard a cbs announcer say that spencers best friend on tour is jonathon kaye so that seals the deal hes a israelite!

  • Corey Pavin is Jewish by birth just as Sammy Davis, Jr. was African-American by birth. We don’t get to choose our heritage, we do get to choose our religion.

    Corey Pavin is a Christian by choice. Not sure why several here seem to have a problem with acknowledging that choice.

  • Spencer Levin is not Jewish. I met him at a tournament and asked. Family origins are Scandinavian.

  • Corey Pavin may not consider himself Jewish but if he lived in Nazi Germany in the 40’s he’d be in the concentration camps with my relatives!

  • Morris Hatalsky, like Pavin, is another “former Jewish” golfer.

  • I’m sure it must be a lot easier to be Christian and white in some of those PGA Tour clubhouses.

  • The father has zero (get that zero to do with the jewish blood of a person). The mother determines 100 percent if the baby boy or girl is jewish. Learn some Torah and then speak.

  • I just read this entire thread start to finish. It is absolutely hilarious. It is very educational too on a cultural level. Leave Corey Pavin alone. He can do whatever “he” wants.

  • BRUCE FLEISHER ….how can you all not know the name. FOrmer USGA Amateur Champion. Beat Ian Baker Finch to win on the PGA TOUR. 18 wins on the Champions Tour Lives in west Palm Beach area and is the most personable guy you’ll ever want to meet.

  • How could I forget Bruce also won the Senior U.S. Open.

  • Senior star several ago was who? Jewish who never won on junior tour but went wild at 50.

  • If you are born Jewish , you are Jewish
    For life . Finding the love of Jesus changes
    Your heart , not your family history !

  • since I am an atheist I really don’t give a damn who is Jewish or Christian or Muslim or… well you name it. I am able to respect any religion and person as I please. I can respect them Male Female or Transgender or anything else just for the person they are .. not what religion or sexual preference they are living. I certainly hope that the responses about Jewish people, Christians et al don’t really show just what kind of people we are.. We are all people, no matter what the orientation. please take a step back and take a long look at yourselves, and maybe say… well it really doesn’t matter does it!

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