IRA_1.jpgThe Brits have left Northern Ireland. They did so because the IRA put down their guns and bombs. The IRA quit when they had their backs against the wall. Palestinians could learn a big lesson here.

BELFAST, Northern Ireland (AP) – The British army marked a milestone of peacemaking Tuesday as it formally ended its 38-year mission to bolster security in Northern Ireland.

The military’s longest-running operation officially was ending at midnight. But the symbolic moment came months after the reality – no British troops have been on patrol on Belfast streets for two years.

As of Wednesday, all 5,000 soldiers remaining in this long-disputed corner of the United Kingdom will be committed to training for operations in Iraq, Afghanistan or elsewhere overseas.

Analysts and ex-soldiers are debating whether British security forces defeated the outlawed Irish Republican Army, which waged a 1970-1997 campaign to overthrow Northern Ireland by force. But all sides agree the IRA’s 2005 decision to renounce violence and disarm has permitted British soldiers to beat their own retreat…..

Intelligence agents eventually built a detailed picture of the IRA, and undercover army squads wiped out several IRA units in ambushes in the 1980s and early 1990s – a brutal strategy that Dewar credits with spurring the IRA’s cease-fire.

The Israeli’s can learn a valuable lesson too. No concessions to terrorism, and ruthless pursuit and disruption of the terror infrastructure.

Of course one can argue that the West bank and Gaza are not Northern Ireland. Its true. But the Palestinians can get what they want when they stop terror.

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