Disclaimer: Another gratuitous, tangential Amy Winehouse posting.

For as long as the U.S. has been around, it’s been cool to copy our mother country England. Whether by boob tube (“The Office,” “Three’s Company”), musician (The Beatles, Mick Jagger, Coldplay), or trendsetter (Posh Spice, James Bond (yes, i know he’s not a REAL person), it’s all the rage to be an Anglo-wannabe and to exist wholeheartedly in this subtext of superficial existence.

Just ask Gwyneth Paltrow or Katie Holmes.

So when I hear things like the outrageous singer Pink wants to do a duet with Amy Winehouse or fellow pop-Brit Lily Allen simply for the reason that are both “interesting pop stars that like to party, drink, and act crazy,” I think to myself somewhere off in the trans-Atlantic, some poor girl with an ounce of talent and a whole lot of angst, must be cutting herself. Not to take this matter lightly or anything, but if Pink said something like this about me, I think I’d just about have to hit the bottle. So what’s next? Posting an ad for “Crazy Bitches Who Can’t Sing But Want To Do Duets With Pop Stars Who Can But Like To Drink, Party, & Get Fucked Up” on Meetup.com or Facebook.com?

Seriously Pink needs to get a clue. And poor Lily and Amy. Someone tell them to run, not walk, from the nearest MTV recording studio.

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  • i’d love to hear a duet by Pink and Lilly… but def not Pink and Amy. Bet if they had the opportunity to sing with Amy, she would cancel the studio session at last minute.

    but she has the soul voice of an angel

  • what do you have against pink?

    and pink and amy would sound great together – two jewish girls who sound like black women and who have a good appreciation for shnapps. there’s a shidduch for ya’. lily – um, no thanks. girlfriend can’t really sing, unlike alecia and amy…

  • that is the first time i have seen a picture of amy and found her attractive, thanks beth….


  • Pink’s mother is Jewish but she wasn’t brought in any way Jewish. She actually defended Mel Gibson’s anti-semitic remarks by saying that drunks always say things they don’t mean. Whatever.
    Lilly Allen is definately not Jewish and that Magen David has a machinegun going through it so I don’t know what she’s trying to convey.
    Amy looked so much better when she was 20 lbs. heavier and before she became a raging alcoholic and drug addict. Too bad because she’s very talented.

  • Pink’s mother is Jewish but she wasn’t brought in any way Jewish.

    thats all it takes here at jewlicious

  • Pink identifies as Jewish. Good enough for me. She’s also a good role model, realtive to all the other coked out pop princesses, and while I don’t personally like her work, if I had a young daughter she’s the one whose music I’d want her listening to. On headphones, preferably.

    Winehouse is probably the most Jewish looking female celebrity around since Streisand, but I don’t understand why this blog features her every other day and why people seem to be proud of her. I don’t feel good speculating about celebrities or believe everything I read in rags, but it’s pretty undeniable at this point that Amy Winehouse is a self-loathing, self-cutting, self-starving user. She has a good voice, but she’s not that great of a songwriter. She’s a novelty that will wear off. If she doesn’t take better care of her body, her voice wil eventually go, too. I hope she gets help. What I really hope for her sake is that most of the hype is just a nasty public persona she’s adopted just for the sake of courting controversy, but I somehow doubt it.

  • Joss Stone is the only new british pop star who can belt out a song with true blue-eyed soul. Her manager is Jewish, so that counts.

    I highly suspect Amy is performing these stunts as part of her satiric image and not “fo real”. I bet she’s never cut herself or gotten a real tat. It’s show business folks!

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