Disclaimer: Another gratuitous, tangential Amy Winehouse posting.

For as long as the U.S. has been around, it’s been cool to copy our mother country England. Whether by boob tube (“The Office,” “Three’s Company”), musician (The Beatles, Mick Jagger, Coldplay), or trendsetter (Posh Spice, James Bond (yes, i know he’s not a REAL person), it’s all the rage to be an Anglo-wannabe and to exist wholeheartedly in this subtext of superficial existence.

Just ask Gwyneth Paltrow or Katie Holmes.

So when I hear things like the outrageous singer Pink wants to do a duet with Amy Winehouse or fellow pop-Brit Lily Allen simply for the reason that are both “interesting pop stars that like to party, drink, and act crazy,” I think to myself somewhere off in the trans-Atlantic, some poor girl with an ounce of talent and a whole lot of angst, must be cutting herself. Not to take this matter lightly or anything, but if Pink said something like this about me, I think I’d just about have to hit the bottle. So what’s next? Posting an ad for “Crazy Bitches Who Can’t Sing But Want To Do Duets With Pop Stars Who Can But Like To Drink, Party, & Get Fucked Up” on Meetup.com or Facebook.com?

Seriously Pink needs to get a clue. And poor Lily and Amy. Someone tell them to run, not walk, from the nearest MTV recording studio.

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