Dame Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas got it right. Big Girls Don’t Cry

But do they get piss poor drunk (for the umpteenth time), forget their lines onstage, proceed to say “F*ck! F*ck! F*ck!” while repeatedly hitting their head with a microphone, and then proceed to spit at the crowd after being a no-show at several other scheduled live gigs in the past few months?

So Amy Winehouse is back in the media whirlwind for her behaviour while onstage at the Eden Project this week. While Amy’s actions have been linked to the two bottles of Champagne, two bottles of Jack Daniels, and two bottles of red wine found in her trailer, one has to wonder if she’s trying to conceal something a bit bigger. Like maybe this girl with the amazing voice is simply a manufactured product of a British recording studio. Conspiracy theories aside, the self-destructive rockstar diva bit is getting old.

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  • Hi Beth,

    Yeah, I know that obsessed feeling.

    I enjoy watching Amy’s self-destruction…hey, better her than me! (Vicarious self-destruction can be almost as fun as the real thing!) I never predicted long-term sustainability for her. I give her another 1- 2 years of popularity. I still think the tats are not real, but apparently the drinking problem is…and as for her voice…it’s good, not amazing. It was her “JAP gone wild” image & lyrics that made her famous, not her voice, and now that it’s been done, it’s done enough.

    For an amazing voice from a British white girl with sustainability you’d have to look here
    although her taste in footwear leaves alot to be desired. (Someone please send this girl some Blaniks or Jimmy Choos!)

  • First of all it’s Blahnik, not Blanik, second of all that shit hasn’t been cutting edge since any People Magazine reading Soccer Mom in Nebraska could identify the mere existence of those brands after watching but a few episodes of Sex and the City. That level of familiarity tends to ruin a brand’s exclusive cachet.

    Finally, thanks for the video, Joss Stone and Tom Jones were great. Joss was dressed perfectly appropriately. Flats in the summer are all the rage. Joss may have wanted to dress it up a bit with these Giuseppe Zanotti flats for just over $500, but instead she decided to go for something a bit more low key, these perhaps?. In any case, do we really need another bimbo in Roberto Cavalli high-heeled sandals? I say no. Keep it simple, keep it real. Your back will thank you for it ladies!

  • Ah, i read it like “Big Girls don’t Cry, they SPLIT”.

    Anyone know where to find “The Chosen” and “The Quarrel” – seems impossible. I’m talking ’bout Torrents!

  • k, first of all, ck is really creeping me out with all those references. was that supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, or are you a label whore? and for women’s wear labels, no less?!

    Furthermore, “that level of familiarity” most certainly does not “ruin a brand’s exclusive cachet.” as long as it’s something that “any People Magazine reading Soccer Mom in Nebraska” can’t afford, it’s gonna retain exclusivity. Familiarity combined with unattainability is precisely what makes a brand desirable. The red soles on Louboutains make them arguably the most recognizable brand around. Besides being admittedly gorgeous, the primary appeal of a Louboutain is that it’s instantly recognizable from 100 yards away and loudly declares to anyone who cares to notice that the wearer can afford really, really expensive shoes.

    Anyway, good for Joss Stone! Her legs look fabulous even without heels, and she’s comfortable. Enough with the Winehouse posts already!

  • Beth: Don’t think I didn’t notice you used the Canadian/English spelling of “behaviour” – allow me to just say that I approve. We are amused!

  • CK, those were not flats, those were her dirty BARE feet dancing very badly with my Knight. Don’t get me wrong, I love her, she is absolutely adorable & gorgeous and always sounds great, but I saw her on some talk show saying she is afraid to wear heels because she doesn’t want to fall so she goes barefoot …which isn’t always a fashion statement as far as I’m concerned. The Xandu flats you picked for her were perfect because she is tall…thanks for showing us your queer eye (yet again).

    Joss records on S-Curve Records, founded by the Jewlicious Steve Greenberg. CK, would you happen to know if he is straight because I have a big thing for slightly balding Jewish music moguls with connections to Tom Jones. http://www.variety.com/article/VR1117968621.html?categoryid=16&cs=1

  • Well, my mom grew up in Canada so I still am used to saying “zed” instead of “z.” Besides, “behaviour” just looks so much prettier!

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