Not long ago I posted on New York’s hottest Jewish web video scenester Ilana Donna. This week, the vlogger steps it up a notch this week with her pop culture round-up, once again giving us All the news that’s fit to capture on video including talk of Spice Girls reunion, Nicole Ritchie’s fertility, and Lindsay Lohan’s latest DUI. And for naysayers proclaiming you read all this in last week’s “US Weekly,” when’s the last time you saw Spice Girls hit single “Wannabe” sung freestyle?

Wait. Did I or did I not use “freestyle” correctly here? Eh. Who cares. Just watch the video, k.

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  • I stopped paying attention to pop culture around the turn of the millineum. Try expanding your interests . . . birds, travel, spaghetti, sports . . . then when something breaks through your mulitple interests, you know it’ll be juicy.