No, the title of this post isn’t a cheeky reference to that Israellycool feature that pits images of two random international personalities side-by-side for facial comparison. It’s an homage to Scottish singer Paolo Nutini and the psycho who compiled this image gallery of a video on Youtube. Right. So what does this all have to do with Jewish culture? It just so happens that the Nutini video montage also features audio of the singer doing a cover of Amy Winehouse’s Rehab. And after listening to this cover, you’ll be hard-pressed to find two other white people (and one Jewish at that) who do Soul as well, at least in today’s emerging music scene.

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  • Paolo is a pretty boy for sure, but I don’t think he sounds that great, he’s a tad squeaky. Screw trying to find young white people to sing soul music and just give me some Keb’ Mo’.

    Do you have any scoop on my very jewlicious Felix Riebl? Meow!

  • At what point do you guys plan on adding an “Amy Winehouse” tag for all of Beth’s posts?

  • BD: Winehousealicious is just too awkward.

    I love hearing about Amy’s shenanigans – it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure i am sorry to say. But it has been a friggin banner year for female Jewish rockers, eh? Joining Winehouse are Regina Spector and Feist. But Feist is a Canuck and Spector is a pretty serious person so they do not provide any of the mishegass that Winehouse provides. Just damn good music. So Winehouse provides the balance. Yay Amy!

    I miss Princess Superstar and Peaches though. Gotta love the Yidlettes.

  • Can someone tell me how to make this site load faster? When I’m on it, it takes FOREVER. Only Hot Ghetto Mess and Islam Blogs are worse.

  • does anyone remember that Spy magazine started seperated at birth?