Okay, I have to say that these past couple of weeks have not been all that pleasant. Things always get a little adversarial when you express opinions and especially when those opinions take a particular side. Man, these posts, month after month, year after year, just keep drawing lightning. But there also has to be some pleasantness out there. We can’t always be in adversarial mode. We can’t always be in conflict about who believes what and what the right beliefs are, or engaged in political debate, or about the truth of this or the truth of that, or somebody’s conspiracy theory versus somebody else’s facts. We do it enough.

This is the post where we all go back to those childhood days where a lollipop was a precious treat and the sun coming out after a storm was magic and we didn’t yet know how right we are and how wrong they are. Everybody is good in this post, and the world is sunny, and the air smells fresh, and the trees look alive, and the lollipop tastes just right.

This is, officially, the NICE POST.

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  • ….I was just about to react to this with a round of ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’– but it encourages drug use, right? Damn!

  • Three cheers for the rainbow! I know Jewlicious’s Orthodox readers join me in thanking Middle for his salute to the GLBT community!

  • Let’s build on this…. Middle, how about a feel-good sequel on antidepressants?

  • Yes. We’ve forgotten how to be nice, Middle. Only serious meds seem to help.

  • Tom, you talk all about being nice when your Celtics take from us all that is NBA basketball. How does that make you feel? We gave you Big Papi, we passed on Maroney, and now you take our heart and soul. An entire midwestern city is now in need of antidepressants while your big bad Boston is dancing and laughing.

    I can’t wait to see the big man try and find his way around those clearly laid out Boston streets.

  • Looks like it’s gone… site has been a bit buggy lately… sure it wasn’t intentional.

    Maybe it’s Sherman. 🙂

  • ramon, Kevin McHale turns out to be Red Auerbach’s undercover agent. Thanks, big guy.

    As for Papi– witnessed his two (very nice) bombs at the paahhk last night– goofy Carl Pohlad tossed him on the scrap heap. Go figure.