The Jerusalem Post reports:

IDF OC Human Resources Department Maj.-Gen. Elazar Stern received a harsh welcome on Saturday when he attended his daughter’s sheva brachot celebration at the Elazar settlement, with locals hurling epithets and spittle at him, it was reported on Sunday.

During morning prayers at the local synagogue, one of the members of the congregation stood up and wished the families mazal tov – and then proceeded to bless the IDF soldiers who refused to follow orders to evict settlers from Hebron’s marketplace last week.

When Stern exited the synagogue after the prayer service, a number of residents approached and began shouting at him, calling him “traitor” and “trash” and accusing him of destroying hesder yeshivot. Some of the residents spat on him.

One woman shouted, “It’s because of you that there are widows and orphans!”

I know I’ve asked this question recently, but what is wrong with this world?

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  • maybe Stern now understands how Palestinians feel about settlers:
    At approximately 2 pm (the 6th August) two internationals observed a group of 6 Israeli settler girls between the ages of 12 and 18 harassing and intimidating Palestinian residents as they walked along a Palestinian road in Tel Rumaida. The internationals witnessed the settler girls spitting in the face of a baby being carried by a family member, and insulting Palestinians with language so abusive that a soldier attempted to remove them from the area. The soldier was immediately chastised by his commanding officer, and the girls continued to walk along the road unabated, threatening residents by lunging and stamping as if about to hit them.

  • He is partially to blame for the evacuation.

    He didn’t do the right thing, just like people who held positions of power, yet did nothing during the civil rights movement in America.

    He should never have been spat at, which is a disgusting thing to do.

    I’d shout at General Stern myself!!!

  • Does anyone else see a correlation between the forced disengagement from Hevron, Gush Katif, etal. and the Tompkins Square Park riots in 1988, when squatters were forcibly removed from their habitation? G-d forbid that were to happen in NYC’s squatter subculture again…

  • Clifford — I know a few of the Tompkins
    sq. squatters. None of them ever used
    violence against their neighbors, stole
    their neighbors’ land, burned down their
    olive trees, or told their kids to throw
    rocks at the neighbor’s kids. so no, I’m
    not seeing a lot of similarities.