Shana.jpgSo there I am rifling through the Israeli online newspapers and I stumble across the “About Me” section in the Jerusalem Post. This is a place where one can upload one’s image, write a few notes about oneself and hope to god that people find you attractive. Or at least worthy of some positive comments.

I read some of these bios with interest. Honestly, I also read some bios with sheer boredom. The comments were generally lame

I was pleased, however, to find that our own ck filled out an “About Me” page, picture and all. He’s so sweet on there, telling us that the party for which he’ll vote in the next elections will be, uh, the Pantherim Ha Schorim (the black panthers). There’s no mention of his newly found passion for guns.

But this post isn’t about Dave. Nope. This post is about Shana Katz. Shana had the courage to post an About Me page, and I consider it an unqualified success that justifies the entire Jerusalem Post effort. Look at that punim. Look at her educational goals. Look at her family goals. She’s attractive, traditional, a graduate student, likes cats, likes bikinis, and probably has a South African accent that will make an Englishman drool.

Jewlicious people. Somebody please marry them soon…

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  • South African accents make American — not English — men drool. Trust.

  • I can only second zulubaby’s stance. The only accent an Englishman enjoys is his own and the Queen’s.

  • How did TM manage not to mention this part:

    Studied Beauty Therapy, Mediation, International Relations, Belly Dancing

    But what sort of confused Muffti was this:

    What I would take with me to a deserted island: A gorgeous man, and a bikini

    Huh? Why would you need a bikini if you are bringing your boy toy along? Is Muffti being dense?

  • Muffti should take into consideration that women don’t dress for men but for themselves (and possibly to impress other women).

  • Sarah, I don’t think that’s entirely true. A lot of women dress for men. I can’t imagine why else they’re walking around half naked.

    I do agree that women dress for other women though … who is wearing what? If you love fashion, you understand it and live it.

  • Many women walk around half-naked to show off what they believe they’ve got. (And no, C-cups definitely aren’t large.)

  • Sarah, that comment was made with the women in Tel Aviv in mind. I assume they dress like that because the men here find it sexy. It’s slightly fascinating in a “what was she thinking” kinda way.

  • zulubaby, I know what you mean; they go for the most primitive instincts, I suppose. “must . . . hunt . . . mammoth . . .”

  • Muffti is just sayin, if you are on a deserted island its a little wierd to think ‘boy,I should really dress up to show off, either what I believe I have, what I might have or what they think I have’.

  • (flinging off bikini top in desperate attempt to cover all bases)

    *slobber, slobber*

  • She’s sexy as all hell….she dresses like that to enjoy her sex appeal and let others enjoy it too…if I looked like that I’d live in a bikini also.

    Personally, I prefer a Welsh accent to South African.

  • Chutzpah, would you do that if you lived on a DESERTED island? Is no one in sympathy with the Muffti on this one?

    Giyoret, everything ok in Philly?

  • Yes, I would still wear a bikini if I lived on a deserted island because it’s still fun to do a strip tease dance for yourself or your basketball named Wilson with a face drawn on it every now and again.

    “You Can Leave Your Hat On” is favorite of mine to strip to…just did it in front of the mirror this very evening….my cat enjoyed it.

  • I agree with you totally, Muffti. Honestly, if it’s deserted, the last thing I’d prance around in would be a bikini. Comfort all the way. If anything, you’d need something to cover up from the sun or the occasional cool evening breeze.

    I sure hope this gal brings some depilatory tools, if she’s going to be hanging out in a bikini with her boy toy for the rest of her days. And polish for her pedicure. Nature has an ungracious habit of turning pretty girls to fug without maintenance. I happen to think upkeep is way more important than fashion.

    BTW Muffti, would you bring your first prize ribbon to the island? Maybe it’s like Chutzpah said, it might be a morale booster whether anyone else is there to appreciate it or not 🙂 (You could text us the pics, though.)

    Philly’s great, when are you coming for a visit?

  • Way to get on my good side Giyoret…he was 66 last Feb. when he did this 90 minute set in front of over 200,000 people in Chile.

    Needless to say, I’m taking my video Ipod to my deserted island. If Brooke Shields could get away with no pedicure in Blue Lagoon, I think I could too…

    Come on Jewish Mother, try it …”Baby take off your sheitel, real sloooow….baby take off your kitty heels, I’ll help you take off your kitty heels…you can leave your sleevies on…. you can leave your sleevies on….”

  • Happy to hear that Middle… and I hope your wife doesn’t laugh too hard when you strip for her tonight!

  • Chutzpah, do a lot of people call you “sassy”? ‘Cause I’m kinda thinking they must. 🙂

  • Never…, just “chutzpahdik” and it’s usually not meant as a compliment.

  • I’m so doing one of these “About Me(s)”…ps david stay away from shana (methinks she’s just a tease-bikini? beauty school? p-u-l-eeee-z)

  • Hee hee! I just read this! I really must pay more attention. I am behind in my reading. Thanks for the laugh, Chutpah!

  • On a side note, “beauty school” has been used as an alias for the horizontal business over here…

  • It certainly is good for the skin (detoxing through increased blood circulation and sweating), but considering the possible clientele…… urgh :-&