Shana.jpgSo there I am rifling through the Israeli online newspapers and I stumble across the “About Me” section in the Jerusalem Post. This is a place where one can upload one’s image, write a few notes about oneself and hope to god that people find you attractive. Or at least worthy of some positive comments.

I read some of these bios with interest. Honestly, I also read some bios with sheer boredom. The comments were generally lame

I was pleased, however, to find that our own ck filled out an “About Me” page, picture and all. He’s so sweet on there, telling us that the party for which he’ll vote in the next elections will be, uh, the Pantherim Ha Schorim (the black panthers). There’s no mention of his newly found passion for guns.

But this post isn’t about Dave. Nope. This post is about Shana Katz. Shana had the courage to post an About Me page, and I consider it an unqualified success that justifies the entire Jerusalem Post effort. Look at that punim. Look at her educational goals. Look at her family goals. She’s attractive, traditional, a graduate student, likes cats, likes bikinis, and probably has a South African accent that will make an Englishman drool.

Jewlicious people. Somebody please marry them soon…

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