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  • Oh God, that really is rich! A perfect demonstration of the comedic wit and sophistication for which the Republican base is so widely renown. And, of course, these aren’t just any members of the Republican Right, these are the class folks behind the the brilliant slapstick of LGF, the true cream of the Republican crop.

    I hear they have some other efforts in production guaranteed to provide even more irrepressible belly laughs. There’s one caught on a security camera, where — oh, God, this just kills me — a whole family of illegals dies of dehydration after their truck breaks down trying to invade Arizona. But the really funny part is when the four-year-old goes into convulsions; if you set it to the latest Fifty Cent video, it looks just like the little illegal is doing his own little Mexican break-dance. Man, I can hardly catch my breath just thinking about it!

    With humor like that, I just can’t understand why everyone but hardcore racists, religious fanatics and authoritarians thinks this country would solve 98% of its problems if every member of the Republican base and its children would simultaneously move to the Arctic Circle, or simply disappear from the face of the Earth altogether.

  • David, it’s funny regardless of your politics. Further down, I criticize the tasering because I think it’s wrong. That has little to do with dying families of illegals or the Republican Right. Cheer up!

  • For once I agree with david smith.


    I saw the video today from a different angle. Early in the tussle, right at the begining, one of the idiot cops actually had a gun out which was pointed directly at the student’s chest. I went back and froze the image. It was chilling.

    There truly is no excuse for this level of incompetence, especially when the incompetents are holding the guns.