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  • If my intention was to post some evidence, I could have posted many other clips that weren’t funny at all. This was funny.

    Just trying to keep an open mind here.

  • … as funny as an X-ian singing “vunder rebbe, work me a miracle” …
    Just that Nikolaos (it’s a Greek name) of Myrna is historically better documented. That person in the red (originally brown) fur-trimmed outfit is Father Christmas, not Santa Claus. Gift-giving to children during the winter holiday season is not exclusively X-ian, but something that was done in many cultures; gift-giving among adults became common among the (somewhat secular) 19th century CE bourgeois classes when people found themselves in a position to afford such luxury.

  • That was FUNNY and I am going to use it as my Holiday e-card this year.

    Sarah you need to lighten-up… I’m writing to Santa to ask him to buy you a Hitachi Wand.

  • chutzpah, I’m a pretty relaxed person, but double-standards irk me, and alleged “fun” is no excuse for stupid behaviour, no matter if one of “my own” is acting stupid or somebody I do not in some way associate with or relate to.

  • Dammit…I was going to post that video…well, I guess it is better employed here…with all these Sarah Sarah-haters.

    And like Esther wrote earlier https://jewlicious.com/?p=3925#comment-768931, Sarah deserves props for making it in an industry where a Jewish person is almost unheard of. She is paving the road (finally!) for other Jewish comedians, and I for one, am grateful.

  • DK, funny you mention that as I read an essay today (published by Jüdische Verlagsanstalt in an antology of essays on Jewish humour) that in 1992, 75% of US American stand-up comedians were Jewish, which already meant a drop of 20%…

  • Esther, that was hilarious.

    Sarah, that was a movie reference from the movie Jerry Maguire where the guy goes on and on about how special the woman is and goes on and on about it. She answers “you had me at hello” which was the first thing he said.

  • Fun is always an excuse for stupid behavior in my opinion.
    I think I’m going to run around the room with a lamp shade on my head singing ol’ lang syne just for the FUN of it right now and I’m going to do it only my tube socks from American Apparel. (smooth…huh CK?)

  • I don’t care. I like Sarah Silverman. I think she’s both funny and talented and those of you who don’t like her are free to watch old Milton Berle videos. Or the Marx Brothers, or Laurel and Hardy or Charlie Chaplin, geniuses of comedy who entertained legions without recourse to profanity. I like the shock value of profanity, I like what profanity has to say about hypocritical social norms. The line “You have as much to do with Jesus as you do your Mother’s Penis” is awesome, the Hitler salute cracks me up as it reminds me of certain Jews who see a Nazi hiding behind every shadow… But that’s just me. You don’t have to like it, but don’t begrudge me the right to enjoy it and don’t imply that I must be an imbecile if I do – after all, I never said all you Silverman haters were stuck up, pretentious tight asses, right? Because that would be wrong. And you’d be doubly offended by my vulgar use of the dreaded “A” word.

  • Esther’s joke was funny. Okay, let’s talk about Esther’s humor now. Does anyone else find Esther’s humor frequently reminiscent of the MTV show’s eponymously named protagonist Daria?

  • Heaven forfend you all agree to disagree! What is the big deal? Sarah Silverman is completely avoidable if you choose to ignore her. Even just now, all you had to do was not hit the big sideways triangle.

    ck, explaining humor generally doesn’t make it funnier.