Ilana Donna is back (after a very long hiatus) going undercover to find out exactly how two men from the South can be gainfully employed as “dating coaches” (er, um pick-up artists) in the cynical metropolis of New York. Watch and be amazed as our lovely vlogger, Ilana transforms from skeptic to smitten kitten in this video clip, guaranteed to get all gals (and guys) guessing. What really happened next?

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  • Oy. Muffti’s met guys like these. And its taught him that women must generally be pretty lonely or massively slutty if so called ‘pick up artists’ have the success rates they claim. Which should tell you that there really isn’t much art to the pick-up.

  • My first impulse upon seeing this is that I really need not waste another moment of my precious lifetime shaving my legs, because the idea of trying to appeal to cretins like this is ludicrous. In all fairness, the feeling would probably be mutual, because I don’t think we’re of the same generation, for which I’m grateful. But seriously, receding hairline guy (who isn’t ugly just smarmy) and floppy hair and mouth screaming for orthodonture guy have somehtign to TEACH guys about women? Like how to repel them, maybe? I think if I were a guy I’d demand to see photos of the kinds of babes these tombeurs de femmes are capable of hooking up with, because I am highly suspicious of the quality, not just the quantity.

    Do people even need this kind of coaching? There really IS a sucker born every minute. I hope this girl was joking about falling for his stupid line. I mean, did that take any effort at all? Blech and eww.

  • I may have to reconsider my position, ck. Perhaps you’re right. But if I am ever left with guys like this as the only option, I’ll not only forgo shaving and deodorant, I’ll start spritzing Old Spice behind my ears…


  • Well, that answer *that* question: Ilana Donna – dumb AND easy.

    Seriously though, any guy who uses the term “polyamorous” probably has poly-STDs he’s passing around to all the ladies.

  • Forgot the polyamorous line–tee hee. And he defines it, just in case! DB extraordinaire!

    Oh, the lucky ladies in his polyamorous lineup!

  • It’s car-dealers’ wisdom: “You can sell anything to a poor person, because he’ll be glad to just afford anything.”
    Suppose that line applies to more than old cars.

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