jonstewart_1.jpgWith a writer’s strike in Hollywood gripping the city like a shortage of lattes, here are some Jewlicious ideas for late-night TV host Jon Stewart, whose programs were the first to suffer the effects of the WGA strike:

10. Go to Israel and study
9. Write your memoir
8. Join Jewlicious as a blogger
7. Become a slam-poet
6. Learn to bake challah
5. Start building your Monster Menorah
4. Eat falafel with ck in Machane Yehuda
3. Become a spokesman for a Jewish charity
2. Launch the independent Comedy Party
1. Be a Jewlicious Taglit-Birthright Israel trip adviser

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Rabbi Yonah


  • He’s awfully cute, isn’t he?

    Bubba, you are being unduly harsh. He has two kids. Don’t you think a more sane option would be for her and the kids to convert? More than one way to skin a cat, you know.

  • Giyoret ,

    1. marriage conversions are a meanigless farce that last only as long as the marriage.

    2. There is no better litmus test for Jewish loyalty than marrying Jewish

    “Be a Jewlicious Taglit-Birthright Israel trip adviser”
    The whole point of Taglit is to prevent Jews from intermarriage.

  • I know plenty of Intermarried Jews, Christians, and atheists who care about Israel more. On top of that, they don’t coddle dictators, communist thugs, and extreme leftist politicians, throw softballs to anti-Semites, anarchists, and Holocaust Revisionists, and decide to turn on/off comedian/pundit status any time they are pressed by another interviewer. Stewart sucks and is another stupid Hollywood Useful Idiot.

  • Eric, there goes your softer side…

    Anyhow, I don’t think there’s anyone who can actually prove that their family tree is free of intermarriage.

  • It’s impossible for anyone to prove who all their ancestors were but I’m pretty sure that there are Jews who have a family tree “free from intermarriage.”
    With the Jewish history of forced conversions the more appropiate question is can Gentiles prove that they don’t have any Jewish ancestors?

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