Kol HaTov Sheba’olam כל הטוב שבעולם

by Arik Einstein and Guy Bocati. Guy wrote all of the lyrics and music while Arik did his usual singing. You can hear some clips here. However, I thought you all should be introduced to Guy Bocati (on his MySpace page you should listen to both songs – one by Guy and the other by Arik Einstein singing Guy’s song) who is very talented, even if he’s not that exciting in an interview. Musicians should focus on music and leave the interviews to actors and politicians.

I’m posting this as a gift to ck who absolutely loves Arik Einstein. By the way, ck, if you know how to post the second MySpace song (the one sung by Arik) to this post, I’d be ever so appreciative.

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  • TM: oh you know i would if i could because of how much i love arik einstein! but i guess our readership will have to content themselves with a link to the myspace page. I mean I’d go there myself and try to figure it out but that might have to entail listening to it and right now I don’t have any long sharp objects with which to pierce my eardrums with.

  • You’ve got to be kidding. I watched your video with the two frummy girls from LA and you won’t even check out an excellent song by Arik and Guy?

  • Those dimples are a reason to make aliyah. Please tell me he likes females.

    As for the song, didn’t understand a word of it, but he could sing it in my ear any day. At least it qualifies as “music” rather than the noise that comes from the “we think we are musicians because we rap while wearing tzizis” gang.

  • Clearly you have no idea how much I loathe this type of music. At least the fake frummy girls were funny….

  • Chutzpah! Excellent comment!

    I don’t know whether he likes females but my guess is that he does. He seems a bit shy and could probably use help from somebody just like you, Chutzpah, to bring him out of that shell. Next thing we know, he’ll be writing hip hop.

  • I thought the frummy girls were funny. I debated sending the clip to my 10th grader but I got in trouble for letting her watch Hannah Montana (rightly so I suppose).

    I actually like Hip Hop/Reggaeton very much but not in Hebrew or Yiddish. Those genres are expressions of the spirit African American and Latin/Hispanic struggles and are best left in ‘da hood. Mixing them with pais and black yarmulkas and a yearning to reach God is too much like mock kosher shrimp to me…yuck, stick with the real thing or don’t bother.

    However, my friend from the DR was very impressed and blown away by Y_Love. Check out his page at

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