Hold me, hold me…move our bodies, baby let’s dance…
It’s ok to let go it’s ok to if you wanna show…it’s all right it’s ok, baby let’s dance.
Now’s the time to do it now’s the time to lose it
Just jump… and jump… close your eyes and breathe.
Hava nagila, hava nagila, hava nagila, baby, let’s dance.

What the—?

My ears are about to bleed. But Britain doesn’t care, because this year, “Hava Nagila” is all the rage thanks to a new video by 17-year-old Lauren Rose (nee Goldberg), displaying midriff and legs the song’s author likely never thought about. At least not openly.

Haaretz reports that the song is a likely contender to take the number one spot this Christmas. The video is like Club MTV meets bat mitzvah. As far as I’m concerned, this has just provided me the reason to stay out of dance clubs this “holiday season” (I remember the Gwen Stefani “Rich Girl” Matzo Ball incident of aught-five.) But I predict that it’s going to show up in a bunch of places in the coming year, likely on “Entourage” next time there’s an Ari Gold family event or something.

(Hat tip to my friend Neil, who’d get a link if he only had a blog or an awesome and public website I could link to. Soon.)

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  • Wow – hot stuff. Really great! So infectious, I just wanna dance! Hihihihihi


  • Given world events, a Jewish/Israeliphile countercultural renaissance in the Western world certainly is overdue.

    While it’s about time that a Hebrew/English crossover made it big somewhere (even as a novelty song), personally, I’d rather be subjected to a infinite loop of Shiri Maimon’s “Ahava Ktanah” than listen to the British Jewish analogue of Debbie Gibson – or about 90% of what was played on XM’s Radio Hanukkah. Although she’s vaguely less revolting than, say, Roni Superstar, which is in her favor.

    And to think “Push the Button” never made it to MTV. Chaval.

  • It’s kind of sad/funny that the singer enhances her sexuality by contrasting her with a bunch of like 10 year old kids. Though Muffti appreciates the honesty: ignoring the extasied out clubbers, that is probably her target market. Only little children can get themselves to like such music without the aid of party drugs.

  • Not from any perspective could this be called good. Boy, did she kill a crowd-pleaser.