These and more bright products are apparently available in the cute little Jewlicious store. You can get anything from a mug to a thong to, well, a bright yellow bag. Get’em for Christmas or just for fun. Heck, get more than one! All proceeds go to pay for bandwidth and ck’s extravagant lifestyle (really, I’m kidding, the dude rides a bicycle full time).

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  • Agreed, Ofri—should be “THIS is what a Zionist PIZZA DELIVERY guy looks like”.

    Deliverin’ pizza to yo’ lazy azz……

    Real talk.

  • That’s okay, Phoebe you wimp, there are lots of other Jewlicious products that you can keep hidden from your fellow train riders – from thongs to a journal to mugs.

  • I thought themiddle was something of a social conservative… what’s he doing advising female bloggers to purchase thongs?

  • Funny, I always pictured themiddle as a thong-lovin’ dude from way back.

    Don’t forget the *real* tagline: “Jewlicious: We make you all tingly.”

  • Why would a Jew buy anything for Christmas? Real Jews don’t celebrate Christmas. It’s pathetic that I would have to explain this on a blog named “Jewlicious.” This is getting ridicoulous.

  • I had no idea. Jews don’t celebrate Christmas?! Are you sure about that? I mean, if you’re right, I’ll have to change this post title into “Last Minute Christmas Shopping for Goys but Not for Real Jews.”

  • If you go to the individual item pages, it says “Need it by Dec 24th”? Funny next to the christ killer tees. In a black humor kinda way, not in a “Deck the Halls” kinda way.