amy winehouse blond
Amy Winehouse’s new hairdo isn’t capturing nearly the attention that Britney’s late night jaunts to the gas station are these days, but one can’t help but wonder how a Grammy-nominated star on the cusp of more fame and celebrity might react to all the pressure…From previous exposure to these types of woeful tales, usually it involves a bottle of peroxide (cause everyone fancies a Marilyn) samim (for coping), and some variety of eating disorder (it’s en vogue).

If only Amy could escape these familiar trappings, it might allow critics, fans, and the general public to get to know her music more and disassociate a bit from the image of excess she’s inevitably intertwined with as of late.

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  • Suppose I represent a minority, but I also dislike her voice, which reminds me of a bad singing voice to begin with paired with nasal congestion.

  • I love her voice, and the fact that she seems to be her own person. In some weird way she reminds me of Barbra Streisand, who might be a bit weird and a bit cheesy but who is definitely an artist true to herself.

    But I gotta say it – girlfriend really needs to go to rehab. I hope Amy makes it through 2008 without overdosing and that she gets a start on the road to recovery.

  • she’s our Britny, apparently. In that I could care less about hearing about her on a regular basis.

  • the blonde hair is hideous, but i prefer to look at the bright side and say mazal tov, amy, for finally untangling yourself from that vermin-infested hair piece. now if someone would only confiscate her industrial size vat of eyeliner and force feed her, there would be hope for this girl yet.

  • She’s tremendously talented, and if she doesn’t self-destruct, will continue to create great music for many years…Those of you that dis her, what kind of music fans are your really–I mean, do you put your money where your opinions are? How many CDs (or equivalent mp3 downloads) do you purchase a year? If you want money to survive, you have to pay the piper. Please buy music!

  • Umm… what exactly does disliking Amy Winehouse’s music imply about one’s music consumption in general? That’s quite a non sequitur you’ve got there.
    Incidentally, I don’t dislike her music. I haven’t heard enough of it, but what I have heard is derivative. She’s not bad at all, but what she does has been done before, and it’s been done better.

  • i love her voice…she’s our britney…

    she looks like a whore. someone should give her anti-whore-looking lessons.