Ilana Donna’s new video is sure to give some amount of thought to the validity of psychic networks, but really how much of your future do you want dictated to you? In short, is there any consolation to be found in knowing your fate or is there something to be said about a the element of the unknown when it comes to romantic entanglements?

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  • Tucholsky once noted something to the likes of that people will rather believe somebody they pay good money for fortune-telling than anybody who’s talked to them for half an hour and deducted what their life might be based on their personality combined with some life experience – for free.

    My relatonship advice (from my European angle of view): if you want to be taken serious as an adult woman, speak with a voice and enunciation that conveys this statement. Men quickly tire of “cuteish” voices of females above age 18.

  • Tom, could you elaborate, please?

    In my profession, voice training can be pretty helpful as you learn how a voice carries across a room (Note: men may not even be capable of hearing the high pitches in women’s voices. So, if a woman starts shrieking, the excuse, “I see her lips moving, but I don’t hear a word she’s saying”, is actually somewhat convicing), that a darker voice inevitably makes you talk more slowly, how to soothe an audience by the use of your voice alone etc.

  • Quite true, froylein. I’ve dated, and ergo argued with, women who sounded like Cheryl Studer in the second act of Strauss’s Salome. Nothing soothing about that. (Maybe it’s why I’m still single.)

  • Tom, tell me what you’re looking for, and maybe I can find you someone. Afterall, it’s a leap year, where women over here traditionally take relationship matters into their own hands.

  • Froylein, you make very valuable comments but as a man I can emphathise with Toms position, and an aggressively intelectual woman even with a soft voice may in the long term be a turn off for males as far as relationships are concerned. yes its nice to have intelligent conversation….. but you know what I mean?

    as for psychics, I am actually fascinated by them, of course the majority are charlatans, but I truly beleive there are some fantastic ones out there. who pick up things that you were not even dreaming of with amazing accuracy.

    fortune telling is actually forbidden in Jewish law, some practices and methods are strictly forbidden, but tuning in to persons inner being is so amazingly therapeutic and is permitted.

  • Actually, in my secular surroundings most men prefer an intelligent woman over a brandname-handbags-only toting zombie. But I suppose beggars can’t be choosers.

    There’s a huge gap between a well-trained therapist and a psychic.

  • whos the beggar?
    suppose its those who are looking for second wives, as Tom suggested, but if he is STILL single that means he hasnt met his first? so suppose that just leaves me
    note I said aggressively intelectual,

    are well trained therapists free where you come from?

    and I dont have anything against a well trained therapist, especially if they have psychic abilities too

  • As far as I can tell, there isn’t many a female out there that actually matches Tom’s intellectual qualities. Whether he’s been previously married or whatnot is neither any of my business nor does it clash with his statement of still being single as a post-divorce marital status might as well be labelled a single status. Whether an intellect may be perceived as aggressive or whatnot probably depends on the beholder’s intellect or rather their perception thereof.

    Where I come from, well-trained therapists are covered by health insurance. If a therapist claims to have psychic abilities, I wouldn’t likely bring myself to believe in the positive quality of their training.

  • It’s none of your business that I’ve never been married.

  • Muffti’s no psychic but he sees these videos of Ilana getting more and more pointless and becoming proportionally less and less entertaining. And its not like tey started out all that entertaining…