That Yemenite Kid!Look for the remix of the remix at the Jewlicious Festival
Diwon is the alter ego of DJ Handler who is the alter ego of… oh never mind. I can’t keep up. You want to try and figure it out? I provided you with links. Exec summary? He’s Sephardic, runs the Sephardic Music Festival, does gigs with Y-Love and they are both ROI120 alums. OK so Diwan just sent me this remarkably trippy remix of Kid Sister and Idan Reichel.

For those of you lucky enough to attend the Jewlicious Festival next week, you will be treated to a remix of the remix by DJ Handler and Y-Love. For the rest of you, feel free to listen to the remix below. Losers. Heh…


OK, OK, you’re not losers. I am. I’m the loser. I’m just sad you won’t be at Jewlicious. Enjoy the track, it rocks.


See? Sad smiley.

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  • Remixes are cool. And while I’m looking forward to the live remix of the recorded remix, I’m going to wait for the remix of the remix remix to be remixed.


  • Now, don’t be sad. I’ll host the tea / coffee and pastries event for those of us too old for the festival. 🙂

  • dont worry I’ll post all remixes of remixed remixes on and and then remix those two sites on myspace
    at and

  • Could you do a nice, slow and quiet remix for me & froylein? Wouldn’t want to offend the old people, would you?

    Kidding, of course.