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  • There are many who believe that Siegelman was hunted by the Bush Justice Department with the help of Karl Rove in order to neutralize this Democratic politician who was a thorn in the Republicans’ side.

    Oh, well, if many people “believe that”…!

  • Oh, well, if the transcript of the trial that was due within 30 days of the trial would be released already, 7 months later, then maybe Mr. Siegelman could, you know, appeal his sentence and then those people who “believe that” justice was railroaded here in favor of politics – you know, like people who wonder what happened to those seven Jusrice Department prosecutors who were fired for no apparent reason other than their insufficient hounding of Democrats – would stop believing that the most fundamental principles of our democracy were undermined by Rove and his henchmen.

  • I heard that this segment wasn’t seen in Alabama..anyone know for sure if this was the case?

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