Well, the Israeli government decided that if you can’t stop the Palestinian rockets from being launched at Israeli civilians, it might as well use those civilians for propaganda purposes. So, for example, when a young Israeli boy in Sderot had his arm blown halfway off today by yet another Palestinian rocket launched at civilian Israelis, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was all over it. They sent out emails, contacted the press and made sure photos were available of the boy’s younger sister as she waited in the hospital during his surgery.

Sure, why not?

And to show the excellence of the Ministry’s operation, they even got some graphic artist to design a logo so the Israelis can brand the attacks against Israelis all over the media. Here is their logo:


Cute, huh? You get the evil missile that does not say “Palestinian Rocket” on it and the quaint Israeli family of four with flared bottom jeans. It’s black and white so it’s easily reproduceable and best of all, it doesn’t mention Palestinians directly but lists the “Hamas War against Israel.” No mention of any other Palestinians or the history of attacks on Israeli civilians because, well, because they’re negotiating with those folks.

Would somebody please fire the genius who came up with this?

Thank you.

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  • Pity TM’s not creative, or he would have designed a better logo.

  • Well you gotta start somewhere.
    I do like the girl’s pigtials, but what’s that thing sticking out of the boy’s head. It dosen’t look like a kippa, …more like an antena.
    Maybe it’s shrapnel from a previous attack.

  • Pigtails? sounds unkosher. I assumed the character on the left was an alien, sort of like from “My Favorite Martian” or perhaps a robot or that robotic floor vaccum. I do like how the woman’s skirt is definitely below her knees.

  • Can someone explain TM’s rant? It’s quite incoherent to me. One of the reasons might me be that it is indeed incoherent mindless moronic trash but I don’t want to jump to quick conclusions. Thanks.

  • TM is a paranoid, delusional, immature and awkward.
    He’s the only Jewlicious writer to hide his identity.
    He gets high, by putting others down (like this example) yet he can’t do any better then them.

  • .TM is a paranoid, delusional, immature and awkward.
    He’s the only Jewlicious writer to hide his identity.
    He gets high, by putting others down (like this example) yet he can’t do any better then them.

    He’s now moderating my comments! That fukker!

    TM writes for a decent sized blog — you’d assume he knows a few things about technology. Bad assumption!
    I actually do know a few things about computers and can get a new IP address every time I post.

  • Barry, a few things you might want to consider:

    TM is not the only Jewlicious blogger “to hide his identity”. Apparently it has escaped your attention, but there are a few more bloggers that do not publish their full name / contact information or picture online.

    TM was not moderating your comment. If your computer skills were as high as you claim them to be, you’d understand that automatised filters put comments into moderation mode.

    Also, you may use an IP-changing tool this time, but you have not in the past, which has led me to conclude that, since you used a different identity as well (talk about “hiding”), you might be affected by a psychological condition that you have not assigned to TM. BTW, you should also try to obtain a tool that covers your processor’s signature. Just sayin’…

    David, I can only assume that TM is not happy about Israel’s “propaganda” lowering itself to the level of others’ that Israel’s international reputation had widely suffered from.

  • Looks pretty descriptive to me. Huge phallic rockets strike Israeli women in the neck.

    Kinda reminds me of a VW ad. Except this isn’t selling me a cute car.

  • Froylein, thank you for the strenuous defense, but I really don’t care what “Barry” has to say. And David, I’m sorry that your brother designed the logo and you’re offended.

  • TM, that’s OK. No harm done.
    It might be that he will ask your mother and your sister why you didn’t like his logo next time when he will meet them in the adult nudist club.

  • I don’t have a problem with the drawing but the title is moronic. As if the Fatah doesn’t shoot any rockets…

    When there’s a hudna with Fatah, Hamas is responsible for all terror attacks. When there’s a hudna with Hamas, the Islamic Jihad is responsible for the terror attacks. I wonder what will happen when there’s a hudna with all of them… I assume our government will just have to invent a new organization.

  • Froylein, you seemed to write a lengthy response, so I meant strenuous for you.

    David, as you know, my mother and sister own the club but have a policy to never participate in the activities. I did hear there was some embarrassment last time your brother came. Please remind him this isn’t that type of establishment and the condoms and vaseline are best left at home.

  • Does anybody wish to discuss the absurdity of this logo and branding effort in light of the real war, not to mention propaganda war, that are going on?

    Should we compare this Israeli effort to Muhammed al-Dura or Rachel Corrie?

    Hila touched on the Ministry’s decision to call it the “Hamas” war instead of the Palestinian war which in itself is both a lie and takes a position that doesn’t help Israel in the long run.

  • Don’t worry, Middle. Dealing with people like ‘Barry’ is my daily bread (I don’t eat butter).

    As for propaganda, I’ve always found this site pretty interesting as this was the first war to widely use visual propaganda.

  • Well, Middle, since Olmert is not doing anything substantive to protect the citizens of Sderot from the rockets from Gaza, I guess they felt they had to do something.

    I mean, anything is better than actually bombing those fuckers to get them to stop, right?

  • froylein, instead of hammering a nail into Hindenburg, we can hammer a nail into…. Ehud Barack?

    The bad news: the missile logo sucks. The good news: evidently, anyone can be an artist in Israel.

  • TM, I am sorry to hear that. When will they be able participate again, that is, when will the penicillin work?

  • Penicillin? David, you must read more carefully – which might help you with comprehending posts as well. A. Policy. B. Never. That angle has been covered… 😉

  • is this really some kind of joke? like where did this image come from? Can we see it in action? Are we meant to put it on placards and/or t-shirts and march around? I’m sorry, I’ve been busy and clearly I missed the memo…

  • Those are not pigtails on the girl, or a cowlick on the boy.

    They are HORNS. These are pictures/icons of Jews.

    Geeesh, do I have to spell everything out?

    Middle – you called this one right. As if we need to further abstract Israeli suffering, and drain it further of all emotional impact.

    This looks like an airport sign – Concorde arrivals, turn left.

    But it’s a telling insight into how some Israelis are coping psychologically.

  • TM: Never? I have to apologize again, this slipped my attention. I didn’t know it was THAT bad.

    Anyway, since someone pointed out what you actually had in mind when you wrote the post I tend to agree that the logo looks like a bad hack job.
    Here is the source:
    All in all, the site isn’t too bad and it’s far from being cheap propaganda if you see it in context. There are other government sites that you don’t want to visit with your screen switched off.

    If you still want satisfaction, you can send your demand to fire the poor chap who made this logo right to [email protected] – As far as I am familiar with my fellow Israelis I think they will take the nitpicking complaints of a ranting falzan quite seriously.

  • David, really I’m sad that you didn’t like this post. After all, you pay quite a bit for your Jewlicious subscription and you deserve your money’s worth. I also have to apologize for being so unclear in the post that you needed a translator to explain to you that this was about a shitty logo and a shitty “marketing” effort.

    I’ll help you out a bit more and explain that the post is also about the absurdity of tackling this war with such a lame attempt to depict a severe situation. So you see, it’s about bad graphics, bad marketing and a mind or mind-set that doesn’t quite grasp the complexity of the propaganda machine it faces abroad.

    Now I’ll help you understand some more. This “rant” was a report about something I found interesting and worth sharing with others. To me, it indicates a level of incompetence and naivete on the part of those who created this part of the government’s Sderot campaign that generates just about enough anxiety as the IDF’s and government’s performance in last year’s Lebanon war.

    This is an endemic problem and is probably related to the cronyism of political and other governmental and military appointments that take place in Israel regularly. The Israeli government’s bureaucracy is not a meritocracy and the mediocrity that abounds, as can be seen in this logo and lame campaign for Sderot, is one of the key reasons that Israel finds itself on the defensive even in such clear-cut cases as these unprovoked terrorist rocket attacks on Israeli civilians.

    I hope that helps. It might also explain why I might post this information on a blog instead of contacting the incompetents to inform them that they’re incompetent. As for you, from now on when you fail to understand a Jewlicious post or the underlying reasons behind it, you are welcome to ask. Politely. Go ahead and try it next time and you’ll see that I’m always happy to assist with people whose snottiness surpasses their level of comprehension.

  • TM, with your last comment added to the whole thing you also have a pretty good blog post I’d say. Blimey! Anyway, the ars side off me also enjoyed the whole yer-mother-yer-sister-thing. So don’t worry that I would start to complain of not getting enough for my money.
    I still have the feeling that you might mistake me for someone else, though. I’m neither Aussie-Dave nor Treppenwitz David, but Carmel David. Yes *sight* I know, its hard to keep track of all the Davids in the blogosphere.
    And thank you for clearing this up, I really appreciate that. Jewlicious is a great blog and I am a fool for happy endings.

  • I still think they should use the image of a Hamas or Fatah “gathering” or car swarm with the title… “Target Rich Environment”

  • David, no worries, you managed to bring out the “ars” in me as well. I know you don’t have a brother.

  • Driven by divestment of American churches and companies from Appartheid South Africa, Jeremiah Wright led the charge to divest from Israel in 2005.

  • if the shrapnel is horns…where is mom and dads? Shouldnt they have horns too? Only the most senior angels keep up with numbering the bald headed peoples hair. Thats assuming some though. It would be my luck to be assigned to counting the hair of a balding man. Just when the last hair falls out…I get reassigned to a teenager.I beg you O Lord spare me from being an angel that has to number the hairs on peoples heads. Thank you for our schizophrenia…I always have each other. he wrote this no i did not you liar i did you ……i hate you

  • forylein is very smart. he is both the middle and froylein. its the same person.

  • look at the numbers, Israel kills WAYYYY more Arab civilians than vice versa. Those “rockets” you speak of are as deadly as fireworks. Israels thousand pound mortars demolishing entire blocks. And the “rockets” Hamas fires are in response to your home wrecker bombs. Stop whining andp laying the victim, realize whats really going on.

    • Maybe if “Arabs” didn’t continue to attack Israel, then Israel wouldn’t kill “wayyy” more of them than Israelis are killed. The size of the rockets used by Hamas is irrelevant when you’re talking about thousands of them falling on civilian centers. The town of Sderot had to rebuild its schools so they could offer some protection against the rockets and every 100 yards or so on regular streets you see these ugly concrete structures intended to serve as protection for incoming Palestinian rockets. Israel has the stronger military and if you keep taunting with rocket attacks, don’t complain when the IDF responds.

      As for the whining, you should stop the whining and make every effort to convince Gaza Palestinian leaders to abstain from further violence against Israel and to release Gilad Shalit. By the way, if they had any self-respect, they would trade Shalit for one Palestinian prisoner. Otherwise, one might get the impression the Palestinians believe that one Israeli is worth a thousand of them.